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Husky Photo Challenge

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can i ask, its sort of revelant , well its similar to the topic, i have a question, well ive noticed that there are more huskies that look diff to our luna-moon, in books ive not seen many her colouring, either im gettin books that have jus happened not to show her markings, but i see alot more huskies grey with white, and when i look at her next to another huskie she looks diff, she is full siberian , both her parents are too, but they in my eyes look more like the huskies ive talked about, have any of you seen alot of luna's colourings?? it's prob jus me, or the way i capture her in a photo, any answers would be great.. thanks:kimba2:


We have have had siberians for 16yrs. When we first had them black and white was the most popular markings, in fact we had a grey and white one and everyone thougt he was a wolf. It is more rare to see black and white now but in my opinion they look more authentic. I like the white ones also.

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Wodak definitely got that one covered, lol. Let me see your husky's funniest photo!

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Kita in the River

Right next I want to see a pic of your huskies working (i.e pulling you or someone else along on something like a scooter/rig/bike)

storm walking me


ok next I want to see tongues


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Maybe not what you wanted ..


Can i see your husky with getting cosy with small fury (cat hamster rabbit ect)

LMAO, creative I'll give ya that LOL

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