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We've got Cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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But of course!... the only ingredient missing to make those treats "human cookies" is the sugar!... and some of them like the Luau (pineapple flavor), are flavored with pineapple juice, crushed fresh pineapple bits and molasses!... there's NOTHING in those treats a human could not or would not eat!... I personally try every batch before passing it to the "quality control" team!.... I am dead serious!...

I use (let me say that the ingredients I mention below do not all go in every treat, but they are a list of all the ingredients I use in the different recipes):

White flour, rice flour, rolled oats, eggs, vanilla, fresh meat juices and broth, wheat germ, cracked oats, home made applesauce, corn meal, fresh pumpkin, fresh ginger, garlic podwer (the garlic is used as a condiment, safe for the dogs but enough to drive fleas to the neighbor's dog!), Brewster's yeast, safflower oil or extra virgin olive oil, molasses, natural peanut butter (no salt or sugar added)... and the bacon i use for the bacon flavored treats (not in the menu) is fresh bacon from the butcher... not packed and definetely not salty!....

So, when you recieve your order, I challenge you to go ahead and take a bite of a treat... tell me what do you think!... I refuse to feed my sibes something I wouldn't eat myself!... ;) ... but then... let's be clear... I take no responsibility if part of the order does not make it to your sibe's mouth!.... hahaha!

Oh WOW! I will try one tomorrow, i still have some :D

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