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We've got Cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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As promised!... here is our brochure...

All cookies are made with fresh ingredients, no artificial flavours...

Whole wheat flour, corn meal, oats, wheat germ, molasses, honey; fresh ground beef, liver, ground turkey,

fresh eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger.... fresh fruit like pinapples and our apple sauce is homemade... I don't use sugar except on one recipe that calls for three tablespoons of sugar for a batch of 200 medium size bones, otherwise, I prefer to use honey....

The prices are a guess... hope you guys help me price them fairly.... and I have a total of 27 different recipes so far (all prepared and approved by Nina, Shiloh and their vet!)... so, I could make another post with the whole list...

Side one of brochure


Side two of brochure


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Sandy , not sure about the wheat flour. Is this ok as they are not surposed to have wheat. ?

As far as I have researched... whole wheat flour is not recommended for dogs that have severe gluten allergies... and if your dog has a gluten allergy, you will know from the moment they start eating kibble (most kibble have gluten)... my vet told me that even on dogs with gluten allergies, wheat is not recommended as part of their routine diet (in large amounts), but like garlic, if used in small amounts and not as part of their daily intake, should never cause damage... I use garlic powder mixed with Brewster's yeast... just enough to kiss flies goodbye!

I mix whole wheat flour with rice flour and white (unbleached)... all organic... if you rather have absolutely no wheat, that shouldn't be a problem because my flour is a mix of the above... it may be substituted by one of the others...



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Hmmm... didn't think about that!... I will try to go and get some printed!... got the treats baked yesterday!... Nina, Shiloh and I did the "quality control" check... uhhh... we ate a whole bunch!!!.... Today, we vacumm seal them and presto!... they will be on the way!... Please, if you haven't yet, send me your address and names of pooches!!!!... there's time and I baked enough to go around!!!!



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The treats have left the building and are on the way to you!....

Ok guys!!!

Sorry for the delay!.... with my clavicle fractured, I had to take it a bit easy... I went ahead and send the first batch I made to our local shelter because my vacumm sealing maching broke down and I did not want to send your treats without vacumm sealing them first (to keep them as fresh as the day I baked them!) ... the pooches at the shelter had a blast and are grateful the machine died on me!.... hahaha!

Finally, we got a new maching and I baked a new yummy batch!... please keep in mind, I was doing it one-handed, so the shapes might not all be as pretty as they normally are... but!... the flavor and quality is superb!

I made the samples in three three flavors:



CLOVER - TREAT OH! TREAT (pumpkin cookies)

With the treats, I also included a brochure with the ten main flavors (I have many more...) , in case you will like to place an order... so you could, if you wish, also share the oder form with other dog lovers you know!

I will like to thank you all for sharing your addresses and wanting to try Nina and Shiloh's treats!... I do hope your pooches love them as much as mine do!



PS... the samples were made in a medium size shapes to make it easier for me...the size of the gourmet treats is larger!.... but I can make them smaller for smaller pooches!....

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