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Husky Owners Hoodies


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Claire that's fine hun i'll be putting in another order as a couple of other people have said they can't pay till the end of the month - hopefully it'll be here in time for camp x

Linda - will PM you now x

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Updated list below if payment has been received i've added "Paid" to the list


Sarah- black - L PAID

Mark-Akasha-Kenzo - Black - L

Hy'Shqa - White - L (please don't miss the ' in the name - Hy ' Shqa - PAID and postage

Lee B - Black - L (A paw print or Husky Owners on the back please) PAID

Linda - black = L PAID

~ Diz ~ Black- L (with name on back please in white, large white paw print under my name) PAID

Diz, Oz 'n' Dex Red L (with name on back please in white)PAID

Val - Navy - L .... name on back Val (zebedee) on 2 lines (hopefully!) PAID

Storm - Black-L

Dani 'n' Saffi - Pink L

Andrea- Black-L name on back Shadow & Kia's mum please PAID


Elmo - Black - Medium - logo on back name on front (paw prints either side of my name if poss?) PAID

- Black - XL - logo only - on the back PAID

Nix - Black - logo on back, M name on front - bingblaze'n'skyla (to order at later date)

tala_and_kai's_mummy L black with Huskymum on the back

Arooroomom- Black M (name on back with paw print underneath)

Robert - Ash L logo on front name on back - Robot

lisa - Black-L- greywolfess on back plse but small lisa and logo front if possible sent pm to u about this

jo -Black-XL?- lexismom on back but small jo and logo on front pm sent

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Can we order later? How much are they, and do you have size for Viking?biggrin.gif

Have a look on the sizing chart here - http://www.nordikota.com/design-your-own-garment/hoodies/unisex-hoody/prod_38.html

Yep can order later - i'm putting in the main order on 25th - Friday but a few peeps want to pay me a bit later so will be doing another separate order x

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Ok peeps - so far the ones being ordered are.....

Size L – Black – name on back Husky Mum – with a paw print between the words Husky and Mum

Size L – Black – name on back: Mark-Akasha-Kenzo

Size L – White – Name on back: Hy'Shqa (please don't miss the ' in the name - Hy ' Shqa

Size L – Black – name on front, Logo on back. Name to read Lee B

Size L – Black – name on back – Linda

Size L – Black name on back ~ Diz ~ (with squiggle either side and paw print under the name)

Size L – Red – name on back in white letters. Name to read Diz, Oz 'n' Dex

Size L – Navy – name on back Val (Zebedee) on 2 lines Val

Size L – Black – name on back - Shadow & Kia's mum

Size M – Black Logo on back, name on front to read Elmo ...with a paw print before and after the name

Size XL – Black – Logo on back no name on the front

Size L – Pink – name on back to read Dani ‘N’ Saffi

I'll PM people i've not got payments from now - if you don't recognise yours on there please tell me!!

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