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Balls for sale


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The boys still have theirs in one, they love em, Loki is banned lol



oh dear, well at least the other two are ok with them! The 4 that I've let my lot play with are still fine, thoug it seems 'Tallica is liking them a lot better as she is a chewy kind of player.

Good to know those that I sent out Monday are coming through already :D

Still awaiting 6 payments, so hoping they arrive tomorrow so I can quickly send them out before I start my working week... ;)

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I've had Sarah PM me as well about her payment too.

Like I have said to her I do notice a distinct difference in delivery times from certain areas in the UK. My Aunts letters from Kirkcaldy (Fife), can be sent in the afternoon and be on my doorstep on the South coast by the morning, but stuff from Ian's folks in Wigan sent 1st class can take 3-4 days to show up. :blink:

We're talking Tallica walking into town and back daily now she's had her jabs, so I'm going to pop into the sorting office and see if they are holding any post for some reason. I don't like it when I know I've got letters/payments due and they aren't showing up on time... :(

So far I have just one to send off today but I'm going to hold on until I see the postman today and ask him if he knows of any backlog of post for some reason.

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Well I 've had the postman round, he disappeared before I could talk to him but I have got Val/Nix/Staceys payment now.

So going out today will be:

Sarah (Nukka and Shadow)




I hope I get al the rest by the end of the week or I'm going to be a bit worried....:unsure:

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Right, here we go :

Nix, Val, Stacey and Sarah, yours are on thier way to you now.

Got 4 more payments due, I feel better now I've got replies from people saying when they've sent payments so I can now get an idea of when to expect them, nothing worse than wondering if there is a sticky fingered postman :o

My working week starts tomorrow, so cannot garentee same day sending when your payments come through but I'll try and sort them out asap in the afternoons I have spare.

I have remaining available: 1 knot and 2 atoms, if there aren't any takers for the last few then I'll get my mate to bung them on ebay next week. :D

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Well Ian's family live over at Hindley Green, his brother complained to the sorting office about him not getting any post and the staff there told him they "saved it all up then send it out all at once" :blink:

Then they had trouble getting the wrong post, for those with the same street name in Ince!

We've had a few problems with postmen here, when our normal postie came off the round after getting abuse from someone on the round, they put on some weirdo that would talk to himself and not read the numbers and dump post where ever he wanted. Got to meet a few new neighbours with his cock ups! Think enough people as well as us complaned about him to boot him off. This newest postman is good though, even when Vix barks at him when he knocks on the door. :lol:

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