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Balls for sale


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Ok waiting for Vals response now.

I've got one payment through so far, what I'm going to do is wait until tomorrows post and send out whoevers payments come through. After that it'll be Mon/Tues/Weds then it's back to work for me, these three weeks have gone too fast...!

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Ok got payments from:

Linda (valkyries)

claire bryant (husky princess)

cheryl barber (chezell)

PLease could people put their forum names on their note too so it makes it easier for me to know who's payment is which. It saves me having to go through posts and messages linking up the real names with forum names.:)

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I still have 1 knot and 2 atoms unreserved, though I haven't heard back from a couple of people confirming how they are paying so I may end up having more available by the end of the week.

Let me know how many you want, if it's more than I have unreserved I'll put you top on the list for having those that end up not being paid for.:)

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Ok, I have 5 parcels going today.

Postman will be too late in the day for any others. However I have the next few days off so anything that arrives the next three days should be able to be sent off same day/next day. :)

I have 1 atom unreserved at the moment, all the rest are sold pending payment.

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