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Games for mental stimulation

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I posted this in the other thread but...

I like to play 'hide and seek' with my dog, where I tell him to 'sit and stay' and I hide the treat somewhere. (Relatively easy, like under the couch) Then I say 'come' and he comes to me and finds the treat. If he doesn't find it within 3 or so minutes, though, I point to where it is and he figures it out.

Another one:

I put a treat inside a see-through container. (It can be plastic but it HAS to be see-through). I flip the container over and I watch as Suka tries to reflip the container to get the treat out. It's pretty funny the first couple of times, as he moves the container with his paw and bites on it. But he hasn't figured out that he has to pick it up with his teeth yet. Warning: Make sure to supervise your dog while they try to get the treat out - they might tear apart the container and eat that as well!

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