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Wanted - a VERY long shot, I know ....

Val (Zebedee)

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does anyone have any idea where you can get a prosthetic arm from? Don't laugh!! Was talking to the guy in the kennels that we delivered the 2 huskies to last night & he is looking for one to test with food aggression ...

I work for the local water board & I have heard of a false leg being found in the sewage treatment works but not an arm :unsure: but I will ask tomorrow, anyway! Just thought I would run it past you wise lot first!! :D

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Not sure if this is the type of thing your looking for


i found 1 :D


:o just seen the price - expensive!!!!

Nix, that looks like what Lee has posted with a stick "shoved" up it! I wonder if it would work?? I'll contact the bloke at the kennels & find out :up:

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