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So upset and so mad!!!!

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Well one of Saskia,s last pups Caspian has been shot dead!! Yes you read it right !! Her owner had been warned a few days ago about her running loose and harassing and suspected of killing sheep . I took sympathy on her and was mad at the farmer because I took it as a one off thing ( she escaped). Well today she got out again which ended her life by being shot which the farmer was quite within his right to do. I am just soooooooooooooooo bl...y mad that all the advice given was a waste of space. First I was angry then I cried, its not her fault but her owners.


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Oh my gosh. RIP Caspian.

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RIP caspian xxx

Im sorry but i dont always think its the owners fault that the dog escapes. The amount of times shura has escaped its is rediculous you can escape proof your home as much ashumanly possible but thats not always enough. Shura has got loose through the trigger clip on the lead breaking, the lead itself snapping, a visitor letting her out, dani not shutting the door properly ect the list is endless.

We dont know the full story of this tragity so i dont see how we have the right to blame the owner! If its her fault that caspian escaped then everyone who has thier dogs escape must be bad owners to!

Dont you think the owner is feelng bad enough as it is without us blaming her to? xx

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