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Covering pee in snow


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I just noticed the other day that Pongo likes to cover where he peed in the snow with his nose. laugh.gif lol. Does anyone else's husky do this? It was so cat-like that I started cracking up laughing. He does NOT like pee and poop and will steer clear unlike other dogs who will walk right through it.

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Aura avoids her poop and pee spots and prefers to walk around it. She avoids other dog's droppings as well. The interesting thing is she won't go poo on her walks. It doesn't matter if its a long hike either, she will wait until she gets home. They she only goes in one corner of the yard. She plays in the other corner.


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I just noticed my 10 yr old Husky burying her pee with snow. First time ever seeing this. I go outside with her all the time and never seen this before. Not sure now I believe it's natural or a medical condition. Little confused and will keep monitoring for now. 

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