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Husky Puppy weight Gain?

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I/We are trying to Compile a Husky Pup Weight Gain Chart... for personal interest.

What is classed as average and whats classed as under/over-weight?

Our New Addition weighed 1040grams at 12 Days and 1100grams at 16 Days....

He and his sister are the smallest in the Litter....

a Litter of 7, the heaviest being 1306 grams at 16 Days.... the others in the region of 1215grams ... ( i think these are about right)

Any information would be fantastic, thankyou..

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Roxy had 6 puppies on 27.10.10. I am keeping a diary of their weight worming eating etc.

1st pup was 543g, 2nd 502g, 3rd 505g, 4th 412g, 5th 498g, and 6th 512g. I am keeping daily weights for each of them and currently as of 13.11 1st weighs 2021g, 2nd1970g, 3rd 1984g, 4th 1879g, 5th 1770 and 6th 2084g.

I have not been able to find anything to suggest that this is correct or not, so if anyone knows I would love to know.

The only thing I can say is that they have all gained weight fairly steadily over the last 2 and a half weeks. All are little puddings and mum is doing a good job with them and I have nearly quadrupled her food. :)

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