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Walking Belt - where did you get yours??


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I need a walking belt, I just decided!!

When Ricks at work, I have to walk them on the path, because I cant handle them out in the woods or the fields, because everything's so interesting lol. And Greys energy levels (I say that when he's chilling out in the crate :rolleyes: lol), mean he really needs longer and more interesting walks, throughout the day, instead of just when Rick's avaliable. Its not an option to leave one behind, I like my house too much! lol

So I need a walking belt, it'll also be handy for rallies, so I can get the scooter ready with both hands, without seeing her furry white ass running away from me! :lol:

So where did you get yours from? How much was it? and how long has it lasted??

Oh, and if anyones got one they dont use or anything............ ;) lol

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Currently I have a huskamute help police lead and a regualr walking lead, I have one end of the police lead around my waist with the regular lead attached and the other ends attached to ma pooches works great but can get a little uncomfy when they're both really going for broke so am getting this one... Walking belt for my bday in two weeks! :D Whoop! Cant wait!

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Actually your more likely to get pulled over with a lead in your hand as the center of gravity is higher up the body! My hubby can vouch for this! LOL Got pulled on his face by our tiney little girl coz he threw the ball too far ahead of the lead! :lol:

:o:lol: might have to invest in one when i finally get my second *fingers crossed* :D

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I got the one from snowpaws used it 3 times and it snaped, no i did not have 2 or 3 dogs on it, we just had one on it.


Now i have one from kisi, it's stronger, thicker as more padding and alot more comfortable to wear. Pluss i have the two boys on it xxxxxx


Oh no! Thats the one Iv ordered from snowpaw!? Did they take it back when it snapped Linda??

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i lurve my walking belt. it makes walking pleasurable!! i had mine made by a lady in scotland and paid £25. she made it so it would fit both me and the other half. its very padded, comfy and does the job.

my only feedback is it would be helpful to have a little pocket for poo bags and a front door key but other than that...i wouldnt walk storm without it.

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i got mine from snowpawstore and to be honest they are quite good belts, i have 2 dogs on mine all the time wi no problems and one pulls like he is on steroids lol..... the only problem wi snowpaw store is delivery can take ages i ordered an harness last month and am still waiting..:rolleyes:

Should have come to me - I dont take a month for a harness ;)

I have a culpeppers walking belt www.culpeppers.co.uk as good as new still 3 years later and with lots of hammer.

Ive heard the kisi ones are good - but ive never seen/used one.

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