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Travel on the M6 question


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I am trying to work out when it would be best for us to head out when heading down for the camping trip. When does traffic start getting bad on the M6? What areas are bad at what times? We will be getting on it in Carlisle and will be on it through to exit 20a. I am really bad with traffic and get very very annoyed (I am pretty much a poster child for road rageunsure.gif) so I would rather leave at stupid o'clock than get stuck in queues on the way down.

Any information would be greatly appreciatedbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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Oh another tip (its a good 1 promise, used 2 live down the rd) go straight down the A449 2 the M54 dont bother goin cross country cos when ur on the M54 ur plain sailin, hardly eva any jams x

Thats so true - I've only ever been in 1 delay on M54 and that was due to the V festival. Apart from that its always clear and free flowing!

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