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Best age for neutering

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we have just had Keisha spayed on Tuesday, and she's doing really well, in fact you would think she hasnt had an op, she still got lots of energy to burn at the mo. She is 7 months

god when we had eika done this year the next day she was bounding off the sofa's etc...with me chasing around after her going, no no no no stopppppp!

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i had my boy done at ten months at the vets advice. his advice was, if we didnt want to stud or show it was advisable to do asap. it hasnt affected him at all and he had no side effects after the op. he didnt hump everyone insight and hes a very healthy weight and height for his age..now 2 years. personal choice i think but vets do no what they are doing and mine certainly knows his siberians.....i would have no qualms whatsoever doing the same again

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I had kira done yesterday, she's 6 months our family dogs have always been done between 6-9 months and never had a problem, i asked my vet we went through the pro's and con's and decided 6 months. Now i'm trying to keep her calm it's impossible!biggrin.gif

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i have two westies and a Yorkie. I just rescued a 8 month old husky. It wa definitely not my plan but since I just bought a large house with a large back yard and I’m home all day I decided to do it. Considering what he’s been he is the sweetest most affectionate and extremely submissive dog. He rolls over on his belly in from of the westies one is great with him which is the more dominant one but the more submissive westie is growing at him and the got into two miner scuffles. Like I said I’m always here and watching them. I’m assuming to neuter him ASAP and any idea how to get the one westie to accept him. The husky is super nive to him and just wants to play but the westie is small and maybe is intimidated by the size ? Plus he’s protective of my partner more. Any help would be greatly appreciated 

thank you 

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I have had all mine done around 8 weeks. Rescues were done prior to me taking them home.

Got my boy done at 4 months and girl at 6 months. Long medical issues with these two is the only reason I had to wait. My boy bounces between 60 and 65 pounds at 18 months. My girl goes between 55 and 60 pounds at 18 months. 

I have never experienced any medical issues, loss of size, or any other issues.

Vets here charge by the weight and come up with every excuse to make you wait.

Again, I have not experienced any issues with my personal animals or from any of the patients that I have assisted with over 20 years.

 I even have friends that are vets and they roll their eyes at some of the miss leading information that it out there.

So, I say it is up to you and what you feel is best for your dog.

Again, there are plenty of healthy happy well behaved animals that are intact.

My personal belief after rotating a day a week euthanizing perfectly good animals just because their time ran out and there was no more room in the shelter..... unless it is a purebred of good bloodlines and you are breeding responsible, there is no reason to have them intact.

So, anytime is a good time to get it done. 😁 

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