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timid and scared around people

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My siberian is now 7 months old. He is a great dog, but my main concern is his shyness and timid character around other people. He only has this problem with strangers. He loves to play with other dogs, but when someone approaches him, he will become skittish and shy.

I have been socializing him and training him since he was 3 months. I am hoping this is just a stage and it will go away when he matures into adulthood. What can I do to help him out? Thanks

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Yep what Jennet sais is a deffinalte way to go along with having them aproach slowly and down at his level and allowing him to sniff at them before they touch him, when they do touch him tell them to tickle under the chin rather than top of the head as thats less scarey for a nervy pup.. other than that just get as many people to pet him and give him treats as possible so he gets used to the idea that strangers arnt scary! :)

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My biggest lad has always been very nervous around new people...but the problem is when new people take offence and keep at him trying to pet him. I end out actually having to tell them to leave him be as he will come up to you and allow you to pet him when HE is ready. He is a LOT better than he used to be but he is still a nervy boy. I unfortunately didn't find treat training useful but I just introduce him to as many new people and it's ongoing. Some people he takes to instantly and is all over them like a rash and others he just doesn't seem keen on. I have to admit I let him choose I do not force him into sitting in front of someone and allowing them to pet him. Once he has met you 4 or 5 times he is more than happy to come up for a pet and a treat but I do always ask new people to pet him under his chin as it's empowering to the dog and boosts their confidence.

Keep at it :)

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We raised our husky from 8 weeks old, and she sounds just like yours. Treats don’t work. Hoping she’ll grow out of it, but we’ll have to wait and see.  She’s so beautiful, everyone wants to pet her!

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