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2 Dog Cages for sale.

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I have for sale two '2 door wire homes for dogs' made by DOGIT

The package says 'for giant dogs up to 50kg'. Suka fits in it with plenty of room to move about.

The size is 121cm x 75cm x 82.5cm.

I have two of these, one with little use, and the other still boxed.

I don't really know what they're worth as I bought them a few years ago and they've been left in a corner.

Has to be collection only as they are very heavy and obviously too big to post. They'd need picking up from East Grinstead, West Sussex.


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hi mate u still got one ? im only in hastings so i might be able to pick it up next week some time if thats ok with you .....tim or ill might beable to take both off your hands ( saves me luggin the one ive got now )

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Oh there has to be someone near you that would like them. Seems a shame to bin them as they are nearly new.

If anyone in the area is going camping, could you not pick them up and bring them along for others to use on the camping trip????

I would do it but it is WAY to far for me.

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Unfortuneately, as I only drive an M3 I can not fit these in my car to take to the camping meet. They won't even fit through the door and these cars don't have a hatch back.

I have just recieved a PM from somebody who is interested so hopefully they won't go to waste.

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not too late really tim cuz you asked ages ago but wayne never replied - so he probs didnt read ur post RIGHT above his

ooooooooooooooooooo! Bitchy!

Sorry Tim, I wasn't able to get on here for a while, the follow up post was on here for a few days before they both got taken. Sorry Tim.

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