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Found 3 results

  1. I have a 1 year and 2 months old siberian husky/ malamute mix named Blu. About 2 months ago he had seizure, then again 3 weeks later, and finally another last night, which is roughly 3 weeks after his previous fit. I'm 18 and have no car, job(or a way to get to one), and I live with my single mother who barely gets by.. my point being, Blu has been fed processed kibble his whole life which mostly contains zinc sulfate. He is only experiencing 1-2 symptoms of zinc deficiency ( seizures and maybe chronic digestive issues). I was wondering if anyone has personally fixed this and how can I on a budget?? Please, I love him to death and his fits are absolutely unbearable to watch, so any help is much appreciated. I've only called the vet about this and they said zinc deficiency is rare and it's most likely epilepsy... but I guess they're only dismissive because they haven't run any tests on him
  2. I've been meaning to post this for a while, we thought it would be helpful to someone at sometime in the future. This is purely here as reference 🤓. The email is a little long so I'll also summarise as well. We wanted to ensure our girls were in good health as they get older, so we looked at getting some natural remedies to help them along. It turns out that some types had an adverse affect on one of our Huskies, they can block the absorption of Zinc and resulted in some nasty issues. All is good now, but as mentioned above we felt this was something that needed sharing, just in case someone else came across it. On a plus note, I was very impressed with the owners of the product (large company), really went out of their way to document and collect as much information as possible to help. I've attached our original email and the first response, there is more but that not needed . Email (trimmed) Reply (trimmed)
  3. Tavi Kagome has recently started experiencing ZRD like symptoms. she has been having problems with her paws for over a year, but I didn't link it to ZRD until now. I've got her and her sister on Zinc now, but I read somewhere that it's a good idea to put probiotics with the zinc so that more zinc is absorbed. Looking for opinions on this. I feed them Zinc tabs first thing in the morning, but I'm worried that it could be making her feel sick to her stomach. the reason i feel this way is that I read some reactions in humans to taking Zinc without food. It makes them sick to their stomachs. Of course I want the girls to absorb it, but I also don't have any idea if it's hurting their stomachs or making them feel bad to have it without food. Anyone have experience with Zinc absorption and prozyme? It was the recommended probiotic. If so, there's one called 'original' and one that's 'lactose free.' trying to determine what's best. I have them on Blue Wilderness, also known as blue buffalo wilderness. It seems to have no gains, wheat, or whatever in it. The dog food review website rates it as above average. Breakouts: For her breakouts, I clean them with Vetericyn products. I'm worried about what to put on her eyelids, but I found that baby rash cream actually works really well. It's 40% Zinc, and its consistency is thicker than toothpaste, so it doesn't melt into her eye. It just sits on the lid and hardens. She doesn't act like it gets in her eyes or irritates her. I also put it on her vulva, but she keeps licking it off. It looks better, but not healing as quickly because she won't leave the cream on it. The eye and nose spots seem to improve with the baby rash ointment, and I put it also in places where I think she "might" break out, based upon pics I see of other huskies. So my question is about the probiotics. I'm thinking maybe they won't need so much zinc if the probiotics help them absorb the Zinc they get naturally. Thoughts?
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