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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings to all the others on this forum from myself (Conor, card-carrying human and honorary Omega dog of Irish/German/Hawaiian extraction), my wife (from China) and my current two pack members, 'Nala' (black & white) and 'Sooka' (black & white, also spelled 'Suka'). Nala is, by the way, our Alpha. Both are rescues, obtained through the Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NorSLED.org). A bit of background on us: Wifie and I met about 30 years ago and have kept Siberian Husky dogs ever since, all obtained through NorSLED, as rescues. Not including our present pack-mates, we have had the joy and companionship of 5 other huskies over that time, each absolutely unique and delightful. I began my association with huskies in Berkeley (CA), back in undergrad days, but at that time kept Alaskan malamutes. One day, a couple of good friend introduced us to their unusually well-trained huskies ('well-trained husky' is probably an oxymoron, LoL), with the emphatic caveat: "Never, Never, but NEVER spoil a husky!"). Sadly, that bit of ethereal wisdom didn't take and I have had nothing but terribly spoiled huskies from that point on! 😋 Our life with huskies has been one non-stop learning curve, despite the fact that when in Berkeley, I was greatly taken with wolves and studied them both formally and informally for decades. Konrad Lorenz was, needless to say, one of my early inspirations in that regard. Naturally, the SPITZ breeds are about as close to their original wolf ancestors as any of the modern dog breeds come, so an interest in Malamutes, Siberians, Laikas and so forth was only natural. Amusingly, despite all my scholarly efforts to understand wolves and Spitz breeds, when it came to actually living with and working with Sibes and Mals, all my book-studies were probably worth less than a typical day spent with my dogs! After 30 years of this sort of learning, I am STILL surprised by all the unique nuances and aspects of these delightful dogs and I can state with utter truth that I firmly believe that a life without them is not a life worthy living! Actually, it is a peculiar habit that my Alpha has of picking the absolutely hottest summer days to go outside and stretch out in the sun on the grass (sunbathing!), that I stumbled across this husky venue. Today, the temp is in the vicinity of about 106 F and sure enough, Nala is nonchalantly soaking up rays out there in the sweltering heat! After years and years of observing this trait in my other Sibes, I finally posed a question about that on-line and OINGO-BOINGO, up came a whole forum full of references by Sibe owners to their sun-bathing huskies! Small world, isn't it? Among the huskies we have had (now crossed over the rainbow bridge, sadly) are LAIKA, DEEJAY, RAKI, PEARY and WALTER. All were rescues (Walter & Sooka came to us as brothers) and all were fantastic pups! I've always felt that husky names should be short, no more than two syllables and audibly distinctive (so as to make no mistake when they are called) and of course, our first Sibe was named after the Russian space dog ('Laika'), who rode to international fame on Sputnik-2 as the first living earth creatures to orbit around the earth in 1957 (3 Nov 57). Space-dog Laika wasn't a purebred, of course, and was a small mixed-breed mongrel female, but as we all know 'Laika' means 'barker' in Russian, and so the world came to know and honor little 'Kudryavka' (her original name) by her last name. I'm convinced that many others like me watched 'Game of Thrones' as much for the 'Direwolves' as for all the other spectacular effects, but it continually saddens me to be aware of how many simple-minded souls watched that series and then had to immediately go out and get Spitz type dogs that would quickly prove to be 'too much dog' for them, causing the poor pups to end up in rescue! That's one of the worst effects of today's 'popular entertainment' for the masses, unfortunately. 😕 That's about all for the moment. I am a retired aerospace life support person, writer and aviation historian and wifie is a former resident of Fujian Province, China (we're both members of the 11.5 Mile High Club, LoL!). We look forward to some entertaining interactions on this venue, in common appreciation for our 'wolfy' pack members! Attached are some images of Nala & one of Sooka.
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