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Found 12 results

  1. Tasha4528


    My husky pup is 4 months old in a couple days (we guess as she was a rescue and we got her at 5weeks possibly less the vets think). She already weighs 15kg/33lbs she’s not overweight the vets said her body proportions are pretty much perfect, but does this mean she’s going to be a big husky? IMG_0575.MP4
  2. 🛑Help🛑 I know I already posted something on this but I just went to the vet to weight him. so my dog is 23/24 inches to the shoulders and he weights a whopping 74 pounds he doesn’t look that fat but I’m not sure. Would it be fine to give him a cup less food? 1/2 less in the morning and 1/2 less at night?
  3. Hello all, my name is Ash and my fluff balls name is Aspen. Aspen will be seven months tomorrow on February 4th and she is currently about 40 pounds. She went through a picky eating phase but is back on track once again and eating well. She doesn’t eat junk food and no human food. Despite all this she is holding steady at 40 pounds and has been for a while. Her Mother was about 65 and her father was 75 and I’ve been told she’s fine and healthy but I was wondering if there’s a good formula for estimating her weight. my number one priority is her being healthy and she’s doing fantastic, I’m mainly asking because I bought a collar that is too big and with her being my first husky I’m unsure if she will in fact grow into it with her weight holding steady at 40 pounds.
  4. Hey everyone, After hundreds of Google searches & hours of reading I decided making an account would prove much more helpful & could answer specific questions. Poncho found me June 3rd 2017, She came bumbling out of the woods to me like she had known me her entire existence. My life has never been the same. Malnourished, Tic/flea infested, covered in dirt, mud and Lord knows what else I picked her up, feeling every rib...My main concern was feeding her first & cleaning her up second. The first food I ever gave her was bread, as that was all I had in my bag at that moment (she popped out during a hike) and I wanted to give this poor baby something until we made it back to the car to go buy real dog food. Well you'd think a dog who appeared to not have eaten in weeks, possibly months would gobble down whatever dog food was placed infront of her, I had sped to the nearest gas station & bought a can of dog food, I know now that Poncho is not a fan of wet food but at the time I was baffled at her turning her nose up to the wet food. Well, I get her home, Bathe her, remove every tic (I lost count after 15) and just love on & cry over my new found blessing. I made an "asap" appointment with a vet, and we were in the office the next day. This is where my questions will later come in.. Poncho was diagnosed with heartworms and a bad infestation of parasites, This was in June. She is on heartgard monthly, and Doxycycline 10mg 4 pills 2 times a day. I took to the internet to find the best vitamins, supplements, oils, and whatever I could to ease any discomfort, aid her prescriptions, and help with her extreme need to gain weight. It is now October & Poncho has maybe gained a solid 10 pounds, her ribs don't show, but her hip bones jut out and she has an overall lanky appearance. It never fails when we are in public that a remark is made about her needing to eat, or that I am starving her. It kills me. What can I do? Poncho is fed a mixture of Pure Balance dry kibble with Ol Roy moist lightly on top, I just now got her to grasp the concept of a bowl, feeding her used to be an hour or longer feeding her by hand until she was done. Every other day she gets a scrambled egg cooked with coconut oil, I pop a fish oil vitamin into the scrambled egg and add a small amount of flax seed. She will eat about half of this. I've read up on the health benefits of coconut oil & it just so happens she loves it, I've gotten where I melt a teaspoon & drizzle over her dog food. I boil chicken breast, I'll give her small amounts of bacon, I've tried tuna (wasn't a big fan) I'm aware the parasites make it very hard for her to gain weight & the only noted side effect from the heart gard is lack of appetite (she hasn't reached the coughing stage, or just doesn't cough) What can I do to combat these side effects? I am open and willing to try anything. has anyone tried ground pumpkin seeds to aid in the fight of heartworms? I've read about this. What do I do? I want to get her to a healthy weight, kill the heartworms & parasites. I'm 24 years old on minimum wage, I'll procure whatever i need to give her a long happy life. People say I saved her, but she saved me. I don't ever want her to be in pain or succumb to her health problems. I need any and all information, reccomendations, regimes that have worked for you, tips, advice, anything... I'm all ears. Thank you in advance. I'll be more than happy to answer any and all questions.
  5. Hi can some one help my eldest husky male 9 month old is very skinny at the back i have wormed him and he is on 3 meals a day what can it be or is it cos he is young and the more i walk him the more skinny he gets
  6. Our two girls are currently 30 lbs. and 28 lbs. at exactly 4 months today , They are twin girls, and active, to the point where they wear all 5 of us out daily! They are so smart, from opening their pen to opening their cage, hiding toys, etc... So far they are not digging too many holes, but we find them chewing on every branch, every board, and each other at times! They are fed every morning and every evening, they love their water, but they love to run more than anything! We use a body harness as we are not big fans of collars and chokers, Everywhere they go they are making new friends and meeting people continuously! I think my wife enjoys that too much, a 2 hour walk usually takes 4 hours plus with the socializing! They are identical and adorable, very friendly and love to kiss! They were added to the family to help me stay occupied while dealing with some health issues, and they do occupy my time! Our newest endeavor is Ice cube hockey, but they are too fast and ice melts too soon, thank goodness the trays are full ! Looking for advice on training, feeding and care! I have always had Black Labs, but the addition of these girls has been life changing, even though they have angry markings and colour, they are so gentle and loving! Looking forward to hearing advice and stories! Rob
  7. Good Morning Everyone or Afternoon wherever you may be, So yesterday my wife and I took Zeus to get his second round of shots and while he seems to be growing every single day to us, our vet tells us he is a little underweight and he used the term "small". We feed him about 2 cups a day, peanut butter treat (homemade) in the morning as well. Is this a problem of us not feeding him enough? Because trust me, HE IS ALWAYS HUNGRY! I just though that he's just a growing puppy and need to keep firm on his diet. Is this something we could up a little? It just seems like A LOT for him when we put it in the bowl. Or is he just behind the power curve as far as his growth? Also, do some huskies just run lighter than others? Has anyone else ever heard this from their vet? Otherwise, they said he was healthy. So we are not sure if there are steps we need to take, feeding and health wise or just something that needs to be waited out. Thank for any input! Appreciated!
  8. I can't help but worry about Freya's size/weight. Last time I took her to the vets, she said she was the perfect weight, but I still worry because she's so small... I don't mean small as in short or anything, just... When I look at her parents, and other Siberian Huskies, they're supposed to be really chunky or poofy right? Just wondering, is this normal for some huskies and will she get that way through age? My lab got chunkier as she aged, she sort of filled out a lot more, but I don't know about Freya because she's my first and only Husky. Thanks for any advice you can give me ^_^ <3 Oh yeah, I forgot, she's 1 years old.
  9. Hi everyone, The first of many questions, I'll try not to be too much of a pain! I got Kato from a rescue kennel and when they gave me all his paperwork and what not they told me that he weighed 17.5kg on his last weigh a few weeks ago (he's two years old if that helps as guide). I'm not sure if this is underweight as he looks a bit skinny and just see his ribs if you look at him side on. I also know however that these guys are built for running so is it right for them to be lean and light to help with that?
  10. Hi everybody, I am a new Siberian Husky mom! (very first dog in my life) and her name is Hannah (banana). She is currently 10-week old, but already 21 pounds. I read most of the husky puppies at her age are around 10-15 pounds. Is she overweighted?? She is one of the two puppies in a very small litter, the other one is a deform......might be over nutritioned before wean due to lack of competition.
  11. Hi everyone Missy is a female and will be 10 weeks this Friday. She looks healthy and is still adjusting to her food but I am concerned that she is far too small. She weighed in last at 5.2 lbs at 8 weeks. She is now 7 lbs at 10 weeks. We are feeding her twice a day a little over a half cup each time and she will sometimes leave a little. Any help you can offer I want to make sure our pup is on the right track!
  12. I don't have the papers to back up he's purebred, but most vets that I've seen have told me that he is a purebred husky. His age has always been in question also and we've assumed that he was about one year old when we received. So, given that logic he is about 1 1/2 years old. The past seven months, which is how long I've had him, he's always been 41 to 44 pounds on average. he has ben neutered but is this low weIght this normal? Could he have been a runt? We do feed him about 1-2 cups of TOTW but his weight stays the same. The vet doesn't seemed to be concerned and he is negative on all worms. What are your thoughts or I'm I just worrying over nothing. He weighs about 43lbs right now.
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