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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there! I just got my husky pups three weeks ago. One of them is 3 months old (the other just 2 months) and I just started taking her out on walks. But it is always a struggle that she keeps on jumping around and pulling on the leash. I stop walking everytime she does that but I don't think she gets it. Also, she is always distracted with a lot of things at home. She rarely comes when called. I would like to train her outside her crate but she is just so distracted. What do I do to stop her pulling on the leash during walks? And how do I get her attention so we could train?
  2. Shanecodey

    Dog walks

    Hi all I have a 10 week old puppy imlooking for other ppl to meet up with to go for walk with and there dogs I live in Southampton, I go to manor farm and Victoria park most of the time I'm free most days from 10/11 am for couple hours please get in touch if want to meet up
  3. hi guys new user here really need some help/advice/recommendations from experience husky owners so i just got home from work for my boyfriend to tell me penny slipped her harness apparently she laid on the ground popped her shoulders in and just wiggled out of it.she refused to come back, refused to sit or obey any of the commands we have taught her, just got a wild look in her eye and ran off into a housing estate .oh and btw she was running in the road!! chasing cars which was terrifying for my bf. luckily he managed to catch her before anything bad happened but i worry next time we wont be so lucky. at the moment she wears an ezy dog quick fit harness she did escape from it once before when she was little but i think that's because it was to loose. collars are pretty useless she just pulls them off she is a husky x shepherd 3 years old any recommendations or advice is greatly appreciated (sorry if this is long winded/ doesn't make sense/ posted in the wrong section)
  4. TheSimms


    Morning, I am looking to buy a new harness for my two year old Husky. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? The Harness will be used for walking?
  5. Hi guys, I'm after some advice about training one of my girls on lead please!!! Basic Background: We currently have three huskies, all female and have mostly desirable behaviours solidified in the house. Outside is a different story all together (( I have to hold my hands up and say I am partly (wholly) to blame for this as I figured outside would be their time. They pull. I don't care. They jump. I don't care. They sniff, they charge, they yamp. They're on their time, I don't care ... Until recently. It was a normal walk, on a normal day but on our way back we bumped into a human. A strange human that we had never sniffed before! 2 of them are over their initial excitement once we tell them to 'let's go'. Great. Mishka however, is not. This is where you guys, hopefully, help! Mishka gets outside and goes deaf. I swear! Now, like I said, the pulling I can handle. Her excitement is what I can't. It's like she has never been outside before. We have several different walks we take, so it's never the same one day to the next but EVERYTHING stimulates her. Humans, animals, cars, leaves, puddles, hedges, sniffs etc etc ETC. At the moment we are at the point where she has snapped 2 harnesses because she was jumping and pulling so hard to get to people. Okay, so sensible mommy mode kicks in and I decide that some sort of training has to be put in outside. I still want it to be their time, but the excitement has to be taken down a notch. The last few weeks have been hopeless though. Like I said, she goes deaf. She isn't at all food motivated outside. If I manage to get her close enough to me to take the treat out of my hands, she spits it straight out and takes the lead again. I've tried walking her on a shoter lead, she pulled my arm out of my socket. Any way, what I would like is some advice on positive training methods to gain her attention outside. Thanks in advance!!!
  6. Lexi is about 11-12 weeks now and I've just started (trying) to take her out for walks. Problem is she doesn't walk... She sits there and just looks at me as if to say "You expect me to walk?", I've tried everything, I've dangled treats infront of her and she runs to get them, but then just runs back to where she came from when I try to move forward. I've tried calling to her to come to me, but she doesn't do that. Just sits there and looks at me. I've tried training her in the garden before taking her outside, and that didn't work either. I tried attaching her to Freya with a twin-lead thing, and she hated that. She just got dragged around by Freya and kept trying to bite the lead, growling and stuff. Any suggestions? ;/
  7. Quick story for those that dont know about Maya... She is 4yrs old, her owner died 2yrs ago, the husband is depressed, Maya was uncared for, Maya is now overweight, Maya moved in with my boyfriend, son and I on Sunday Nov 17. Ok, so here's the problem.. I'm walking her as much as possible to help her get back into shape. I work from 7am - 4pm so when I get home she gets overly excited and jumps on me. It hurts a little but it doesnt bother me as much, although my bf says thats unacceptable (is it?). I go for the leash and she goes wild once she sees it. She tries to grab the leash with her mouth and it makes it very difficult for me to put it on her. (Im afraid of getting bit). Once I put it on her she bites on the actual chain and pulls it as she rushes towards the door. I know she is just letting me know she is ready to go for our walk but this makes things more complicated. It takes me at least 15min just to get her leash on. PLEASE HELP!
  8. Hey everyone! So, as you may or may not know I have adopted a beautiful 2 year old husky named Maddie. She's a doll and has been walking fairly well on her current collar and leash however her collar has some serious wear and tear and I need to get it replaced sooner rather than later in the event she decides she doesn't want to walk nicely on the leash and pulls the collar right off. She's a tugger more than a puller - she doesn't yank me across the grass or strain but she definitely has some slight tension in the lead. I am curious on y'alls take on what the best collar or harness I could get her would be as well as leads. She's got a very sturdy 6 foot lead but it feels so short especially when she wants to do a little exploring which means I'm right up in the bushes with her so she can. What would you recommend? Collar or harness? Any specific type? Also what length and type of lead do you use? THANKS!
  9. Hey Forum!! So I have more questions How long should a Husky adult and puppy be walked? also how long should they be allowed to run around freely? Do you recommend letting them swim if so for how long? Thank You!
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