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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, New to this forum. We are the proud owners of an almost 4 month old sweetheart named Sadie. Long story short she was a cast-off from a backyard breeder and through a long route ended up in our family. We know now that she has an Ectopic Ureter and that this is probably the reason the breeder did not want her. She has been evaluated by a vet and we have a referral to UGA for the surgery. I am fairly certain that her level of issue could be addressed with the laser ablation method. We are currently trying to fundraise for the surgery only, we are paying for everything else out of pocket right now (diapers, UTI test sticks, antibiotics, special food). The surgery will be roughly $3000. I have put her on Wellness puppy food. We give her 1.5 cups twice a day with 1/3 of the turkey/duck Wellness soft food. I chose these two foods because they contain cranberries in them, they are a little lower in protein (so hopefully less stress on the Ureter and kidney affected), although she is not a huge fan of the dry food alone. My other two dogs eat TOTW and Sadie wants that food. She is currently diapered anytime she is inside, when she is outside she is diaper free. We use an all natural shampoo soap bar on her and try to only wash her once a week. We wipe her off many times daily but with plain water or just dry papertowels. We are working on potty training and she seems to be getting it. She asks to go out and will squat and pee, she just also will have had a wet diaper from the pee she cannot help. She is also going poop outside most of the time. She seems to want to keep herself clean and will lick herself when outside and diaper free. We neither discourage or encourage this behavior. Since we are not sure how long it is going to take to raise the money we are just taking things day by day. This is the sweetest puppy, nothing like what I have read about Huskies. She is calm, laid back, loving, very snuggly, and docile. She plays with her toys and chews nothing else. A neighbor of mine adopted/bought her sister from the breeder and they are nothing alike. Sadie weighs 23 pounds to her 30 pounds. These puppies were kept in a fenced yard from which they constantly escaped. I believe Sadie was neglected due to her problem. That will never happen again. Anyone on here ever have experience with ectopic Ureter and laser ablation surgery? Has anyone knoe whether it is successful for females? Is there anything else I can do to help with her Urinary Tract health? Does anyone know of any grant, fundraising, or donations that we can locate to help her get the surgery sooner? Appreciate you all reading my book!!
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