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Found 5 results

  1. I use treats to train Maya, and it costs a fortune to buy dog treats that she isnt even into, I've had a few people say I can use gerber puffs and yogurt melts for babies for her? I just want to make sure I can ACTUALLY use those without her getting any negative affects.
  2. Has anyone's huskies had problems after eating a Whimzees all-natural, gluten-free dental chew? I found these at a privately owned pet store and was on sale! I heard about greenies and wanted to stay away from them so I thought I'd give Whimzees a try. I gave Gumi, my precious husky, the medium alligator veggie chew and immediately after she got sick the next 24-hours. It's been 3 weeks now where she has been losing her appetite, vommitting, and having diarrhea. I've taken her to the vet many times and emergency once. Right now she is doing fluid therapy daily for about a week and on pain medication and antibiotics. I've spent so much money, close to $1000 now, and I'm financially and mentally exhausted. I've been feeling really down because she doesn't eat and dropped a good 10lbs. If anyone can please share a story or can relate to this, please let me know!
  3. Im looking for some good treats to use with training . I know that every husky is different but I believe that it's always worth asking for other people's experience ...especially if you'r a newbie like me
  4. Whats your huskies 4 favourite non meat treats? Kumas favourite is.... 1/ Raw corn on the cob, 2/ Raw whole carrot 3/ Lychee 4/ Dragon Fruit She will in fact choose any of the above over meat, so i have to give her these as a "dessert"....
  5. So I just started this new program called Barkbox. Anyone hear it? My friend Nikki got it for her dog and it's pretty awesome. I used her referral link and got $5.00 off my first subscription. The way it works is you pay $29 a month (which it automatically renews and bills you every month, I think on the 3rd, but you can cancel anytime easily by just clicking the cancel button), and every month it sends out a box full of toys, treats, sometimes coupons and gift cards. It's kind of neat. My dog gets bored easily of toys, so having a fresh monthly supply for less than I'd get at a pet store is nice. but if you want it for cheaper they have other packages, as little as $18 a month for 6 months, the only reason I didn't do that is because you have to pay those all up front. I wanted to try it out first and see how it was before doing a 3 or 6 month commitment. But so far i'm delighted by it, and so is the pup. OH another bonus is you can pick a package for the appropriate sized dog. My dog Hagen is a medium size (about 55 pounds) but Layla is a giant, she's probably closer to 75 or so (and only a a year, thats the malamumet in her I imagine haha). So we selected the largest box so the toys would be big enough for Layla. Hagen doesn't play with toys that much anyway, unless it's a plush toy that he can tear apart and disperse the fluff around in the living room. We like to call that "making it snow" lol. But the pups got their first box and they loved it. What I really like about it is that it doesn't send SAMPLE sizes, like you'd expect. you get full packages and the toys are great. I think the value works out nicely, since toys can often be rather expensive. If anyone wants to try it and get a discount on their first box, you can use my link here and get $5 off. $5 off link If anyone tries it, let me know if you like it too
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