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Found 2 results

  1. Hello.. I'm having a hard time bonding with our new husky. She has been with us for 6 months now. I lost my 12 year old Boxer back in October and was not handling the situation very well so I impulsively ran out and brought home our Husky (Anaya). I had been researching Husky's for the past few years because I knew eventually our aging dog wasn't going to be with us much longer, I realize that the bond I lost cannot be replaced but Husky's are so different from Boxers. I'm not sure if it's just a puppy thing and she will grow to be more affectionate, or if there is something wrong with my husky. She doesn't really care to be around anyone.. she loves to play and go for walks but even then it's like were both there but were not there together, does that make sense? She never comes over just to lay next to me or follow me around. So I'm wondering if all Husky's are like this, independent and not very cuddly? I'm use to having a dog that follows me everywhere.. lays her head on my lap so I will pet her. Anaya never does any of this.. the only time she listens is when I have a treat. Is this typical behavior?
  2. Hello! We are new Husky owners, and our cute Kiana is now 5 1/2 months old. The vet said she is entering adolescence, and it's obvious. She knows basic commands from puppy school and is in advanced training, but she only minds when we have treats. We practice training her every night, but when she is not in a "training session," she will ignore us. For example, she loves to grab shoes, blankets, couch pillows, etc and dash around the house. She no longer responds when we say "NO! Drop it!" and thinks it's a game. We will even give her short "time outs" in the bathroom after she misbehaves and make her do some commands before she returns, but she goes right back to it when she's done. Sometimes she nips at our feet and hands when she is frustrated and wants our attention or when she doesn't want to follow a command. She challenges us every day. Kiana gets two 30-60 min walks a day and some playtime in the evening. Any suggestions for curbing this bratty behavior?
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