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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! My pup Pocholo is fine with people, he isn’t aggressive at all but he is absolutely terrified of other dogs. Especially the ones barking at him. When we go on walks and spots another dog, he just stops walking, goes behind me. I really want to enjoy going for walks but it’s really hard when he stops every 10sec. What can i do??? Help me please.
  2. Hello! (: Brand new to this forum, and I have an interesting question to ask. How do you socialize an adult dog if they were not properly socialized as a pup? The reason I ask this is I have recently adopted a 1 year old husky/malamute mix from a family that lived out on acreage for that entire year, and all I can say is when I asked if she was house broken, they told me she just "stays in the garage". Now, she is not dog aggressive, just very VERY motivated. She does not care for people (she grew up with a very large human family), she is sometimes food motivated, but if we walk down the road and she sees another dog, she is high alert, wants to go see that dog ASAP. Even when we go for a drive in the car she will turn around, fully in her seat, and stare out at the dog, even when we have turned the corner and the dog is long gone, she's still staring. I understand her longing to be with her fellow people, as she was restricted from seeing or meeting with other dogs her whole life so far, and to suddenly be brought out from that old environment and see things are much different then she thought before must be mind-blowing and very exciting. So I bring her to work with me to meet people and hear the sounds (I work at a gas station and she sits behind the counter with me), we go out to dog pools and have her swim with me and the other dogs or even dog parks and run around with other dogs, which are truly the only times I ever see her happy. For the 2 months I have had her, she has been very obedient for a husky/mal mix, at least in my opinion. She knows her sit, down, stay, high five, shake, knows her new name and will usually come when I call her name at the park or anywhere else, but if another dog comes running at her or distracts her, bam she's off like a lightning bolt until I can try and call her back to my side again. This might all be in my head because she's still very young and it's her rebellious stage, but I still feel like I need to socialize her more as she is just so obsessed with every other dog for lack of a better term, even if that dog won't even give her a glance, she will not break eye contact and she goes so stiff, almost like she's about to chase down a squirrel. I just moved cities, so I do not have any close friends with dogs I trust to teach her calm and collective manners, and when I let her run free at the dog park, I still feel like she isn't learning the proper way to socialize. I eventually want to get a second dog a couple years down the road, mainly so maybe having a buddy at home that grows up with her might make her feel better, but I fear he might gain some of her habits and even worse when that time comes, if that time should ever come. What are your guys opinions? And please don't hold back, I'm open to all suggestions as I want to help her as much as I can. We're going for training lessons, I'm just trying to figure out if she will benefit from a one on one session with a experienced trainer, instead of a group of dogs? This is her, with her cat friend Harley. I call her Kida. (:
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