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Found 5 results

  1. I’m hoping someone out there can help me. This is Chance and he is almost 3 years old. We have been fighting a losing battle with Atopic Dermatitis since he was 5 months old. He’s had biopsy’s, bloodwork, and been on more medication than I can count. He’s seen 3 different veterinarians, been on rounds of steroids, keflex, antifungals, anxiety meds, and others. Nothing has made any difference. He’s in pain and it’s breaking my heart. I’m a seasoned husky owner but I’ve never seen anything like this. I hope someone somewhere out there has an answer or has delt with a similar solution. I don’t kn
  2. I have an appointment with the vets tomorrow morning but just wondering if anyone could help. My husky has been blowing his coat but the one area above his back leg is very bald and red and is getting worse as he won't leave it alone since noticing it I have been making sure he doesn't lick or scratch at the area. If anyone has any advice on what it might be or how to make it better for him I would really appreciate it.
  3. Hi! I've recently noticed a slight lump on the inside of my huskies leg. Upon closer inspection it seems red, slightly rough and hard and like its been picked at, which is how i noticed it as he is often licking the area, it does not seem to hurt him as i touched it and he was fine and is generally crazy during walks as he always has been. Any ideas on what it could be? Pictures below. Thanks
  4. my husky is 5 months old, stays indoors and plenty of play time out doors, lots of loving from wife, kids and I. she is smart and learning commands fast. She started biting herself almost raw on one of her front legs, now a lot on her back. She has been to the vet, all shots up to date and monthly advantx 2 flee treatment. No signs of any critters on her what so ever. I have bathed her with burts bee's oatmeal and honey natural shampoo for dogs. I have read that husky's have sensitive skin, can anyone recommend a good shampoo for my little girl of have any ideas on what to do n
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