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Found 5 results

  1. Morning All Just stopped by to say hello, Kobi has been with us for almost 3 years now and we love him to bits. We have recently been up against some health issues and I wanted to ask you guys if you had any experience with the following please? - Firstly Kobi started to show signs of an itchy ear and progressively over some weeks it became obviously worse to the point we could see a dark brown build up, no amount of ear cleaner, cotton wool would seemingly shift it and with Kobis continued scratching became obvious we needed a vet visit. - Since Kobi was 'treated' for a microbial infection in the ear , it hasn't really got a great deal better, the dark brown waxy substance has subsided and his left ear is certainly no way near as inflamed and irritated as was before. The vet said he had cleared a lot of gunk from the inner ear and said the ear drum was in tact. - It looks as though this may have gone to his right ear, although we cannot see the same dark substance, Kobi is beginning to scratch at that ear. Sadly he also is scratching his bottom lips too, this is causing them to become scratched and raw also. - In addition to this we have also noticed Kobi wanting to scratch, lick, bite, clean his anus very vigourously, to the point where if left he would bite and bite. Now I want avoid too much detail but had to explain best I could. I imagine it very irritating if itchy bottom. We thought worms but is wormed regularly, tablets from the vet. On inspection I can't see anything obvious, other than after he has been at it it's very clean. - Kobi has also taken to licking things, a lot, the sofa for instance, he will constantly lick the sofa as if trying to clean something from it or clean his tongue?? To the point where if not stopped the sofa is sodden at that spot. The sofa isn't it, he will lick the tiled floor, or the wooden floor boards - I have also noticed Kobi has had a drippy nose... So all in all doesn't make great reading. Kobi is our everything, our little boy we couldn't have and now we are at our wits end as to what to do. As said we had been to the vets and Kobi is that anxious he can't have a muzzle on so last time had to go under for his ear exam and as the vet put down an existing condition cannot claim through our insurers. Kobi eats a kibble diet and water, we occasionally make chicken with plain rice as his stools were a little loose, I thought after a bout of diahorrea I assumed a sore bottom, hence the cleaning, but this is going on some. Not sure what detail I could add, any advice, help, experience shared or given at this stage would be most appreciated. With best regards Kobi & family
  2. Hi, I have a husky dog and he is about 7 months old. From about 3 months ago, a red circles started to appear around his eyes and mouth. I went to many doctors and they couldn't cure him. Sometimes he start to bleed from this red circles. Furthermore, he is not eating very well and he is not playing as much as he was. I also have another husky dog that lives with him but she didn't caught this disease from him. You can find some images for his face in the attach files. Can anyone diagnose this disease ? What is the best cure for that ? Can anyone please help me ? Waiting your replies as soon as possible Regards, Ahmed
  3. Please help! Freya keeps vomiting, but it's not like normal vomit... It's just clear, as if it's water, with a few... Chunks in it now and again (gross I know)... She's acting a little bit strange too, she's not eating, not playing with a chew I gave her, she's lying down a lot and she looks as if she's exhausted... Is this serious, or is it just a 24 hour thing? Should I take her to the vets?! Thanks for helping, - Wolfee
  4. Aspen got spayed on Tuesday. Brought her home Wednesday morning and everything seemed fine. Wednesday night she vomited 3 times. She got sick another 4 times yesterday. Called the vet and they said to starve her for 24 hrs. She didn't eat anything yesterday. So we were already half way there and they said to give her some pepcid. So I gave her some childrens pepto last night and got her some unflavored pedialyte to make sure she is hydrated. She didn't get sick all night. So this morning I started her on some boiled chicken and rice. She ate 1 cup of that. Then at lunch she had some more. Later the afternoon she is getting sick again. I gave her another childrens pepto. I have stopped giving her the pain meds that they gave her. I thought that might be what was getting her sick. I've been a worried fur-mommy for the whole week. Is there anything else I can do for her?
  5. My Khloe' is about 5 years old, she woke up fine, and was howling her normal 'good mornings' And then about 30 minutes later she came inside after rolling her in dirt. (Which I've heard that to be an ego thing for dogs, its like perfume to them). I cleaned her up with a little baby shampoo & a wet towel and dried her. Then she was outside again, for a while, I kept calling her hoping she wasn't rolling in dirt again and when I looked outside the window, she was throwing up. Since then she has been pacing around the house and through the whole back yard in and out of the doggie door. She stopped and laid outside twice by herself in a circle and tried to relax (its also freezing rain outside very lightly, but, still its odd for her to lay outside by herself in the freezing rain. She's a mommas girl and is always by my side or sleeping under me. She won't eat. And she is being weird, its obvious she doesn't feel well as she comes to me for comfort but then leaves soon after to continue pacing.. I made a vet appt for 3, and its 1 now. Any idea of whats going on? Or, has anyone else experienced these symptoms with their huskies? My other Husky, Skyler, is almost 6 and he is not eating and is stomach his making a lot of noises, I am sure he will be ok, as this as happened to him before.. But, I am still curious if anyone knows what either of these symptoms are from? Thanks so much
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