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Found 7 results

  1. This is Astra,our new Siberian husky puppy,female,9 weeks old,pure breed.Greetings to all from Serbia.
  2. Hi there, let me introduce you to my 6 year old boy alaskan malamute/husky mix Kyto that we recently adopted from the shelter.Kyto has been abused 3 times by several owners (heavily abused) and neglected, he also lived outside, in all weather, in a very small bench in which he spent more than 8 hours a day locked up! (I think it's terrible). These owners also brought him back three times to the shelter, each time at a different location for different reasons. Now we have Kyto with us for 4 months and we are still very happy with that to date. When we wanted to adopt him, Kyto was not yet
  3. My name is Sitti. I’m new here. Also, a new owner of a 3month old husky named Pocholo. He is my first pet. I don’t know much about dogs, I did and still do a bit of research though and what ive been reading is making me terrified for years to come because people have been saying that huskies are quite much. I’ve got a few questions, 1. Is it normal that they are erect at this age? Ive noticed that whenever he is erect, he goes absolutely ballistic. Biting things around the house, jumping up and down. Absolutely driving the family crazy. Any tips that can help? 2. When is the best tim
  4. Hello, My name is joey and we are a happy Fam of three, My wife Charmaine, and 5 years old Daughter Elena, We had just adopted our first Siberian husky (5 years old). Hope to get a lot of advice and build some helpful knowledge about our new member. Thanks for having us.
  5. legendofsimba___BmgavxchHxS___.mp4 https://www.instagram.com/legendofsimba legendofsimba___BnH4vE0hq_8___.mp4 legendofsimba___BjuCS0mB6ey___.mp4 legendofsimba___BmgavxchHxS___.mp4 legendofsimba___Bnz21pABtA6___.mp4 legendofsimba_1___BpZD1yHl0aC___.mp4
  6. I've been searching around internet to find husky comics/cartoons/funny pages some you have found? Please share! Here is one in instagram I feel is really amusing to follow ??❤ https://www.instagram.com/siberianhuskypaws/
  7. Hey! I have a 6 month old siberian husky girl, and she is biting me whenever she is frustrated, wants to play, when she is tired and so on! I feel like her biting is becoming Harder and harder, and i dont know what to do... I am afraid it will escalate! Do anyone have any tips for us?
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