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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I am not a huge Christmas fan but as this was my first Christmas with Mowgli I thought I would spend all my money on him and forget the rest of the family If you live in the UK you will know our weather can be horrible. I wanted to get Mowgli a shed for the sole purpose of somewhere dry and warm for him to eat his bones in the cold wet winter weather we have 11 months of the year. Well.......It started with a simple plastic shed and then I got carried away. Ill let the photos tell the story. THE PLASTIC SHED # The outdoor flood light for seeing down the side of the house. The water and propane gas hook up. The CCTV camera with audio to supervise bone eating. A Nest CO2 / Smoke Alarm which will make sense why I have it in next photo. Propane powered shower and some dodgy plumbing as I thought it makes sense to make the shed multi purpose and not just a dog bone eating shed. Now his all weather grooming shed aswell. Extractor Fan, 58watt LED Tube Light & Grooming Table 6 Way Consumer Unit (Had it spare) for Lighting, NEST, Tube Heater (So we don't get too cold) and socket in plug the dryer in. I have a few thing left to do including fitting a towel rail and a shed for cleaning stuff. The hardest thing was mounting everything as the shed is made of plastic and very thin. This meant that I had to bond panel onto the wall and mount to bits on this. I also need to address the Flue for the shower as it is getting hotter than I thought. If I run the shower for longer than 10 minutes the roof starts to melt. All in all, Mowgli has done well this Christmas and the rest of the Family didn't Oh well.....Happy Dog = Happy Me Dan
  2. So I researched so much before getting my first husky in 2012 and I looked around for the best breeders because I wanted a quality siberian and I found him, he is gorgeous and such an amazing companion. I got my second husky last year and because of a twist of fate I ended up going to a breeder I found on puppy find 10 hours from me. I absolutely love my red female and she is so sweet and obviously super healthy but she didn't come from the best conditions she got neglected as a puppy with her whole litter and her dad was found to be super malnourished. She is a year and 4 months and I feel like she stopped growing at 6 months of age. She weighs more than my male by a few pounds being at 50 lbs and i thjnk i took hwr height from start of her paws to her withers and she was just at the lowest for the huskt standard or maybe an inch under that.Her head is very small as is her neck so her teeth are way smaller than my other husky. She is short and isn't as long as my male husky. She's probably half the size of my male in all angles and half the size of most huskies I see. Also SHE NEVER SHEDS!!! Like she has never blown her coat. Which I find so weird, when my male blows his coats there are clumps of hair everywhere and when I brush him so much comes out. When I brush hers barely any comes out Any idea why her head is so small and she doesn't shed?
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