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Found 3 results

  1. My husky mix Dakota has severe separation anxiety. It is so bad that even if I leave my room for 1 min she will start howling and crying. I tried a thunder vest/ shirt but it didn't seem to work for her so I gave it back to my other dog. I left to shower for 5 mins and could hear her all the way from upstairs. I work at a doggy daycare facility and she comes to work with me but cannot play due to her heat. We where supposed to get her fixed when she got here but got her heat right when she got here so we have to wait till April. But I could hear her crying and howling from the back building (separate buildings) at work. I felt so bad for my coworkers. She just turned 1 in January. Any ideas? My trainer's thoughts haven't worked so far. She gets a 1 hr walk and 30 mins in the back yard in the morning, afternoon and night time. If we're at work she play individually with my coworkers. So I do not think she wants to play outside still. Please help, I love my girl and don't want to have to get rid of her because of her anxiety. I know her original owners said they would take her back if we had any problems but I really care for her and want to make things work out for her, rather than have her be put back in a cubbie for most of her life.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm having a problem with my husky Keira, she is ten months old and every time I leave her in the kennel for more than one hour she poops or pees or both inside the kennel. It's a smaller kennel so she doesn't have too much room and I exercise her and let her go to the bathroom before I put her in it. I believe it's separation anxiety, because if I'm watching another dog and there's another dog in the kennel right next to her she's fine and she can hold it, what are some good tips to help break the anxiety so she'll be more relaxed in the kennel and won't go to the bathroom inside of it, I've tried toys, treats, I've tried beds, blankets, covering the kennel, and a few other things. I'm at a loss as to what to do now, any feedback will be appreciated and will be tried.
  3. Alright, I am a brand new husky owner and I am new to the breed. I did my research before adopting my dog, Max, but he is definitely still a challenge. I live in the basement of a house that has been converted into an apartment. I have my own fenced yard and access to the landlord's larger fenced yard as well where Max can play with her dog (we introduced them today and they seemed to get along well). I just adopted him on Sunday. He is just over 1 year old and is the BEST dog I have ever had. He doesn't jump up on people, doesn't bark (unless he is really riled up while playing), learns quickly, and doesn't pull too much on his leash (though we are working on improving that still). My problem is this: he is having a very hard time in his crate. At his foster home he was also crated, but his foster family had 2 other dogs so he wasn't really alone. He did fine in his crate. During the day I have to crate him for up to 4-4.5 hours while I am working. I have been getting up early with him to take him on a 15-30 minute walk, then I crate him and go to work for a couple of hours (I am a college student, so my schedule is sort of split up so I can come home throughout the day). He does fine in his crate during this time and doesn't really cry/whine/howl. Then when I come home I let him out to potty and we go on a long walk (30-45 minutes minimum). We come home, play, and he usually takes a nap. Somedays I work 2:45/3-5:30 in the afternoon and other days I work 5-9. I make sure he gets lots of play time and exercise and food, water, and potty before I crate him, but he has been having a really hard time. Last night I came home early because my landlord, who lives above me and can hear him when he cries/howls, said he was crying for over an hour (I know part of it is because it's a new place and people and possibly because there was a thunderstorm) so she came down to check on him and he was trying to break out of the kennel. We have a large Kong brand kennel and he pulled the bottom part of the door so that it was behind the cage wall instead of in front of it. Today he had a hard time again in the afternoon and ripped a huge chunk off of the bottom tray of his crate. He cried and howled for over an hour, according to my landlord. She does not understand the breed, thinks crating is cruel, and feels bad for Max. Max's crying also makes her dog upstairs start crying and barking. He is a very calm dog and he sleeps in a dog bed next to my bed at night time. He has not chewed up anything in my room. I was thinking of trying to let him have free run of the house tomorrow while I am working for 2 hours in the morning and see how he does. I am planning to put all the couch cushions, pillows, and other things I don't want him to chew up in the bathroom where he cannot get to them. If the house is still in good shape when I get home, he will be rewarded with a special treat. What I would like to hear is how y'all handled crying/howling in the crate/destructiveness in the crate and/or how your husky has done with having free run of the house. I honestly think that he will be okay, but I know they get bored easily. He had all of his toys (several soft chew toys, three types of bones, a kong filled with PB, an antler chew, and 2 tennis balls) in his crate today and still had a really hard time so I am wondering if he would do any better out of the crate. I appreciate any help/advice you can give me!
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