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Found 13 results

  1. I've had Lexi (grey) for 4 years, she's 9 now. She's a rescue and wasn't socialised and didn't like affection when we got her. She's made a lot of progress and she's made a few friends at the dog park too. She still doesn't like all dogs but quite often she is friendly to new dogs. She also gets on great with my sister's Yorkie. We decided to adopt another husky, Monty (black) (4 years), and they seemed to get on fine when they met. Lexi started becoming quite possessive and food aggressive, which we seem to have rectified now at least. She's learned to share her humans and food isn't a trigger anymore either. She mostly just ignores Monty now but sometimes they even cuddle so I don't really know what's going on. Other times she growls when he gets too close or tries to play. We also go on a walk every day where they're completely content walking side-by-side. Monty isn't completely socialised either but is a lot better with other dogs. They only occasionally get into fights now but I can't figure out what the problem is now as it only happens once every 3/4 weeks more or less and I cannot figure out what's causing it as I never manage to catch the beginning. Does anyone have any tips on stopping the fighting and getting them more friendly towards each other?
  2. Hello everyone, This will be my first post here on the forum, My boyfriend and I recently rescued an 8 year old husky fluff from a shelter. We've had him a little over a month (adopted August 2nd, 2018), and he has had 12 very severe and scary seizures with us, and one episode that we think was a *very* mild seizure, where he sniffled, sneezed, went limp, and was coming in and out of consciousness. He was surrendered with absolutely no medical records, so we had *no* idea what we were getting into, or that he was so old, because the shelter thought he was no older than 6. We've since been able to get them, and there's only one brief mention of seizures when he was 4 that didn't result in any follow-up, let alone diagnosis or prescriptions. I've had dogs before, and so has my boyfriend, but have never had to contend with seizures before. We have a preferred vet, who advocated the use of CBD oil for his also very severe seperation anxiety, which has also shortened the duration of the seizures from two and a half to almost 3 minutes to less than 2 minutes (it's progress in my eyes!,) the post-ictol phase where he is deaf, blind, and very weak is much shorter, and also the amount of time it takes for him to return fully to the goofy fluffball he is has significantly improved to just a couple of hours instead of several days. The only pattern we've recognized is that they only happen late Tuesday evenings and early (2:30am) Wednesday mornings, which is the dead-center of the work week, and we both wake up before 6am for work, and he looks spacey and sleepy the hours leading up to one. When we stay up with him until he relaxes and lays down after a seizure, we don't get -any- sleep, and if we try to go to sleep anyway, he will bark non-stop unless we are sitting up and staring at him. Sometimes he has just one a week, and other times, he'll have three of them within a 15 hour time frame. So I have 2 questions... One--Does anyone else have experience with a similar situation? How do you get sleep? We want to sleep. We're so tired. If the answer is as simple as "suck it up," I can deal with that too. Two--Could the heartbreak of being abandoned by the family he's lived with for eight years be the cause of this? Since this does not appear to have been an issue when he was abandoned, could this potentially be a temporary reaction to adjusting to his new family? His sniffling reminds me of the videos you see of sad dogs missing their owners when they pass or give them to shelters. You know what videos I'm talking about. If there's any information I'm missing that's vital, let me know. I'm just looking for opinions and input, not necessarily veterinary advice Thanks for reading! Thibideau the Husky, Sam (mom) and Derick (dad)
  3. Hi, New to this forum. We adopted a 6 month old husky cross from the North West Territories SPCA and had her flown to us in British Columbia. She came with the name Joy, but my husband and I had a hard time saying Joy, so we changed her named to Joyce. We adopted her on January 18th. She came from a small community along the border of Nunavut and the North West Territories. She was surrendered to the Yellowknife SPCA with 3 of her siblings at age 5 1/2 months old. Her birthday is July 17, 2017. She was quite bonded with her sister Eve, but Eve was dominant and Joy was the submissive pup. She was the runt of the litter. They anticipate she will be 50-60 lbs. We love how soft her coat is, her burnt orange colorings, how sweet she is. She has really excellent recall already. She will stick very close to us and do laps around us to make sure that we are still around. She sleeps through the night in her crate. We are working on house training. She isn't house trained but will hold it in her crate and won't have accidents in the house as long as we are watching her closely and take her out every 2-3 hours. We also have a 3 year old son and she is very gentle with our son. People comment that they can't believe she is a 7 month old puppy because her demeanor is so calm. Outside though she is wild. ha ha
  4. Hi we adopted our husky cross when she was 6 months old. She has now been with us a month. What do you think she is mixed with? Her name is Joyce and she has a beautiful burnt orange coat. She weighs about 40 lb currently.
  5. Hey everyone, After hundreds of Google searches & hours of reading I decided making an account would prove much more helpful & could answer specific questions. Poncho found me June 3rd 2017, She came bumbling out of the woods to me like she had known me her entire existence. My life has never been the same. Malnourished, Tic/flea infested, covered in dirt, mud and Lord knows what else I picked her up, feeling every rib...My main concern was feeding her first & cleaning her up second. The first food I ever gave her was bread, as that was all I had in my bag at that moment (she popped out during a hike) and I wanted to give this poor baby something until we made it back to the car to go buy real dog food. Well you'd think a dog who appeared to not have eaten in weeks, possibly months would gobble down whatever dog food was placed infront of her, I had sped to the nearest gas station & bought a can of dog food, I know now that Poncho is not a fan of wet food but at the time I was baffled at her turning her nose up to the wet food. Well, I get her home, Bathe her, remove every tic (I lost count after 15) and just love on & cry over my new found blessing. I made an "asap" appointment with a vet, and we were in the office the next day. This is where my questions will later come in.. Poncho was diagnosed with heartworms and a bad infestation of parasites, This was in June. She is on heartgard monthly, and Doxycycline 10mg 4 pills 2 times a day. I took to the internet to find the best vitamins, supplements, oils, and whatever I could to ease any discomfort, aid her prescriptions, and help with her extreme need to gain weight. It is now October & Poncho has maybe gained a solid 10 pounds, her ribs don't show, but her hip bones jut out and she has an overall lanky appearance. It never fails when we are in public that a remark is made about her needing to eat, or that I am starving her. It kills me. What can I do? Poncho is fed a mixture of Pure Balance dry kibble with Ol Roy moist lightly on top, I just now got her to grasp the concept of a bowl, feeding her used to be an hour or longer feeding her by hand until she was done. Every other day she gets a scrambled egg cooked with coconut oil, I pop a fish oil vitamin into the scrambled egg and add a small amount of flax seed. She will eat about half of this. I've read up on the health benefits of coconut oil & it just so happens she loves it, I've gotten where I melt a teaspoon & drizzle over her dog food. I boil chicken breast, I'll give her small amounts of bacon, I've tried tuna (wasn't a big fan) I'm aware the parasites make it very hard for her to gain weight & the only noted side effect from the heart gard is lack of appetite (she hasn't reached the coughing stage, or just doesn't cough) What can I do to combat these side effects? I am open and willing to try anything. has anyone tried ground pumpkin seeds to aid in the fight of heartworms? I've read about this. What do I do? I want to get her to a healthy weight, kill the heartworms & parasites. I'm 24 years old on minimum wage, I'll procure whatever i need to give her a long happy life. People say I saved her, but she saved me. I don't ever want her to be in pain or succumb to her health problems. I need any and all information, reccomendations, regimes that have worked for you, tips, advice, anything... I'm all ears. Thank you in advance. I'll be more than happy to answer any and all questions.
  6. Hey all! New member here! Proud mama of a 5 yr/o red Siberian/Wolf mix, 10 month white Siberian/mix(?) and a 6 yr/o Staffordshire pitBull Terrier. Meeko is our 10 month old, and he was a pound rescue. Question is: why is his fur like this and what can we do to get it not like this? His fur feels like lamb or sheep fur, some places around his spine and face are soft and longer (feels more like how husky fur should feel) We have tried brushing them but it doesn’t seem to do much except just rip everything out and cause him pain. Advice is oh so appreciated!!
  7. Hello! I adopted my little man from a husky rescue group recently - he's about 6 months old & I was told he was small for his age. He was dumped because of an eye abnormality & had to have it removed. I've been taking him to an obedience class & one of his teachers said she thought he might be part Shepherd. He's really trainable & she said he's not crazy like most of the Huskies she's trained. I, of course, adore him either way:) I'd love some opinions! Thank you!
  8. Hey guys! I recently rescued a 3 year old, male, Siberian husky from my local shelter! I'm posting on here to see if ya'll have any helpful advice for working on training a 3 year old or just general husky owner tips!
  9. Hello, We would like to take in a Siberian Husky in need of a home... the owner is taking the dog to the pound if she cannot find a home and I fell in love with the dog. However, I know that the dog is not full Husky. The owner said that the dog is half Siberian Husky and half Red Wolf mix. I am a bit concerned with the wolf dog part. Has anybody had any experience with wolf mixes at all? The reason I am concerned is because I have a child who is definitely not an "alpha dog" himself and I am concerned for the possible unpredictability. Any advice?
  10. Hi, my name is Hobo I am 2.5 years old and was rescued from the animal shelter late June 2016.
  11. Hi everyone! I just adopted my boy from the Humane Society, and I'm a little concerned. He's SUCH a good boy and we love him so much, but he's just been laying around a lot. Today marks a week that we've had him, and I know that I'm probably just being paranoid because a week isn't much time for him to get acclimated, but it worries me. He's been to the vet and has all of his vaccinations, his heart worm and parasite tests came back negative, and the vet didn't seem concerned. I don't have much prior information on him, but I do know that animal control found him and he was neglected. He was covered in fleas, has callouses, and fly strikes on his ears (they're scarred and the hair isn't growing back). He seems like he was strictly an outside dog, and now he's inside with us. He has started eating (he is picky) and he drinks a lot of water. He likes walks, but other than that there isn't much energy going on. He comes inside and just walks around a bit and lays down. The Humane Society thinks that he's only 5, so I hope he comes around. I'm just wanting some reassurance that this could be normal for a rescue dog, and am wondering if anyone else has had any kind of experience like this or advice? Thank you so much!
  12. Oops! We appear to have brought a dog home with us from the rescue XLCR off-lead when we went up there! In our defence, we fostered Bolt for 6 months up until a year ago when he went to his furever home. But it wasn't to be and he's had to come back in, so we've taken him for a few days to give him a bit of tlc. He really, really needs someone who'll run him (he's been run for 4 or 5 miles every day in the last year) so won't stay long with us Was quite touched when we saw him again for the first time in a year - I'd sat down in the off-lead and, without prompting, he came and lay down next to me! I'm not a great believer in dogs remembering a great number of things but I certainly pretended that he obviously recognised me, LOL! Though he did run across the off-lead when called by the name we gave him when we fostered him Here he is playing with NewSky (to differentiate her from our Sky!) who we'd collected from the kebab shop outside where she was dumped out of a car (we knew her name as she's chipped - was owned by someone who couldn't look after her when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and he gave her away, possibly to the people who dumped her). Yet another lovely dog who, through no fault of her own, has ended up in rescue - hopefully she'll be adopted quickly as she's lovely (well, they all are!)
  13. I have adopted Mia from the Dogs Trust. She is fab and has settled down well in our family (we have a bichon frise and 3 17 year old boys!). Mia has been with us for 3 weeks and she is doing well. However I was warned by The Dogs Trust that she does not like having her rear touched .....Mia will now let me stroke her all over, however when it comes to brushing;she hates it and goes mad. I suspect she has been hit by a brush. Does anyone have any ideas how I can overcome this? I have tried all sorts of different brushes, I have tried a few seconds of brushing at a time with lots of rewards, but I cant progress. Any ideas would be really helpful please. Thank you so much.
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