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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, today we had our 2 year old male husky neutered, ( he was a rescue dog and we adopted him a couple weeks ago), unfortunately the extremely rude Vet didn’t give us any information regarding the healing process and do’s and don’ts with walking etc and the differences with pretty much everything during his recovery, I’ve done some research and have got some information but would like to get some information from the forum, from personal experiences with the process and the things you had the change during there recovery. Thank you!
  2. So I've officially decided to move, I was just wondering if you guys may have any airline or new food suggestions. The only airline I can find with a "Pet Safe" policy is United Airlines (and we've all heard how great they've been lately), so I was wondering if there are any other airlines that do trans-Atlantic routes and have a Pet Safe policy you guys might recommend me looking into? The other thing is her food. I'm currently feeding her Canidae: Pure (a Petco exclusive brand, so only accessible in America). If there are any U.K. dog food brands that are limited ingredients and grain free you'd recommend me switching her to, I'd greatly appreciate it! It's just so stressful trying to get all my ducks in a row for this move 🙈
  3. I have a problem with dog toys... I know how important it is for my two dogs to have mental stimulation when I'm not there with them, but they only have 2 toys... I've had my Labrador, Holly, for almost 5 years now and ever since she was a puppy she had a massive problem with chewing... The first week we had her when she was just 7 weeks old, she chewed off and (I'm sure) ate the corner of my mum and dad's new couch... Since then she's chewed everything you could imagine, even dry wall. (not even kidding) and one time she even chewed a wire which was plugged in... Her teeth are ridiculously strong, so it does impact the types of toys I'm able to get her... I can't get her the normal toys, like squeaky toys or even your average chew toys! She just destroys them within minutes. The only two toys that have survived her are robe-like toys, but there are only so many you can buy. She has a tug-of-war rope and a small rope-ball (we quickly learned that Tennis balls were useless). It's a problem because she gets bored with them and goes for things like shoes and clothes any chance she gets. And, our Siberian Husky Freya is more into the soft-toys (like normal dogs!), not the ropes and stuff, so she's always quite bored too. I gave her a plushie the other day which she loved to play with when she was younger, but Holly just destroyed it... She left stuffing everywhere. We've tried literally every type of correction method for Holly's chewing since she started the chewing... I even tried those anti-chewing sprays! Nothing works. She's like a chew-hulk-dog. I think it's just her type of personality... She thinks it's incredibly fun to chew things... Every time she chews something up that I've given her, like a shoe or something to keep her from chewing anything important for a while or just to keep her entertained, she leaves the mess everywhere and comes to sit by me as if to say "look what i did! Isn't it awesome?!" so I think there's no fixing it ;') Maybe she'll stop with old age <3 Hopefully. Can anyone give me some advice about this and recommend some very strong (and I seriously mean indestructible) dog toys? Thank you for any help!! - Chloe
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