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Found 7 results

  1. I got my 10 month old husky 3 months ago, she came with no potty training at all from the last owner. We started to train her to potty outside and potty on the pee pads when we are not home. She did it 70-80% right all the time. However, last month we got her spayed and a few days after the surgery, she couldn't hold her pee well cuz of the pain so I put lots of pee pads around the house ( upstairs on the carpet and downstairs)just in case she couldn't hold it in when I am gone. 2 weeks after surgery and everything get back to normal, but she now decided to pee and poop on the carpet instead of the pee pads downstairs when we are not home. I tried to put a little pee on her pads so she knows where to potty and put up the baby gate so she cants go upstairs. Nothing works, she still jump over there gate and go upstairs to potty. Pls any advice to make her stop this behavior. P/s: I work from home so I am with her most of the time except when I go to the gym for 2 hours a day. And I always come home with poop and pee.( is it separation anxiety?)
  2. I have a 5month old male pup, Apollo. I got him at 6 weeks for my 10 yo son. A coworker had an oops litter and was in a hurry to get rid of them. After bringing Apollo home, I noticed when I would take him outside to potty, he would love to go in my flower beds that contained rocks. It didn't take long to teach him to go in the grass. To this day though, I continue to have issues with him going in the house or in his crate. I learned not long ago that this coworker kept the pups on a cement patio, so I've read it can be difficult to potty train if they learned to go on hard surface at the beginning. In the past with other dogs I've had, I used the rub the nose in the mess, spank and take outside along with setting timers and watching for cues and it didn't take longer than a week to house break. This has absolutely not worked for Apollo. What makes it hard is we have 1.5 acres that is not fenced so it is left to us to take him out on a leash. Failed methods: ---setting a timer frequently. He would go outside, come back in playing and just stop and go right where he's at....shows no cues he had to go again. Or we go outside for a long time, nothing. Go back in, reset a timer for 5 minutes, but he'll go before the timer...again he shows no cues. He knows when I say let's potty, to run to the back door, but he doesn't let me know on his own when he needs to go out. (I've never in my life not seen the timer method not work!) ---crate training. I work night shift. I was setting my alarm every 2 to 3 hours to get up to take him out. This helped until he learned what time I get up for good and in between the last alarm and before I officially get up, he would pee in his crate and then cry. I think he learned when he goes in crate, we take him out, and clean it. So, I started letting him wait it out in his mess. Eventually it didn't bother him and he would lay in it...after a few days of this battle of the wills he stopped for a time. When it started again, I put a divider in there. This did help until he became too long legged and when he slept stretched out his legs were sticking out. My bf is currently not working and home a majority of the time so he lets him out frequently during the day and at night while I work. We have had incidents where we take him, he goes, back to crate, stares at us and pees in the crate. Now I do admit recently he has been better about holding it. He's smart. He knows as soon as that leash goes on, we go straight to the grass and he's quick about doing his business. Yes, we give him lots of exciting praise, or treats, extra play time etc... ---umbilical method. Well, when he doesn't show you cues he needs to go and just randomly pees even while attached to you, I don't know what to say. I stopped this and letting him in the house when less than a month ago, I had him in bed with us, bf called him over to him and Apollo stepped over me to walk to him then stopped between us and peed in our bed before I even saw his stance, it happened so fast. I'm scared to let him back in the house to try again because bf gets frustrated easily with the pottying in the house (we moved there a year ago and he feels like it's tearing up the house). Money is strapped at the moment with him not working or we would build a dog run. We let him out frequently, take him walking in mornings and evenings with play time. I think he wants to be by our side at all times. Bf wants to rehome him bc he's frustrated with him not housebreaking and seeing him in crate. I don't want to do this, but I know I have to think of Apollo too and it's not fair to him that bf lost his job after we got him and money is strapped right now. Apollo is so smart other than this potty stuff lol! Yes, I have used enzyme sprays, tried vinegar and regular dawn dish soap to clean up messes. Any other advice?
  3. Hi! My husband and I just got Onyx 3 days ago, he is 15weeks old. He and my older puppy Odin (8mo) seem to get along pretty well. The only problem I have with Onyx is potty training him! We have a small area at the back of our house that Odin happily uses as his toilet, but Onyx completely refuses to use it I took him straight after he woke up in the morning, after meals, and after playing but he just won't go. Tried taking him an hour later, still no result.. And then just after I gave up he peed on the floor! I don't understand why he seems to dislike the toilet so much! I know he's older than Odin when I first got him and he can hold his bladder longer, but I remember Odin still had to go straight away after he woke up in the morning.. I really want him to be housebroken, but it's really hard to get him to go in the toilet area so I can't praise him in the moment Any tips will be greatly appreciated!
  4. My now 4 month old female Siberian Husky is still going to the bathroom in the house.. This is what we have been doing for her: We crate her all night while we are sleeping, let her outside to go potty during the night if she is crying. Then let her out again as soon as we get up, after she eats, and before we leave for work. When we are gone for 8 hours a day, we have been gating her in our mud room where her crate is so she can move around. We put a pee pad down for her. What I have been seeing is she does not ever seem to try to hold her pee/poop, she just automatically goes to the pee pad or where the pee pad usually is, even if it isn't there she will go. She goes a lot during the day while we have her gated off in that room, but I feel like at this point she should be able to hold it? Or at least my husky years ago was able to. When she has free roam in the house while we are home, she still will go to that spot whenever she feels and go to the bathroom, she doesn't try to go outside. There HAS to be something we can do to teach her that pottying in the house is NOT acceptable and that she NEEDS to go outside to do that. Someone, ANYONE! Please help me out! I know that she can hold it, she seems to be too comfortable with going whenever she pleases instead of asking/waiting to go outside. Sincerely, A very frustrated, confused momma.
  5. Hello, I am house training my puppy to go potty outside. So far it is WONDERFUL! I say Pee pee and take him out back and he goes. I used to give him a treat every time but now I don't, but I still give him praise. He has a crate and I place a pad in his crate at night for him. He only pees on the pad. The crate is huge and I separate the back from the front (hopefully that makes since). He does not go when I take him for walks. We will walk and walk and walk, he will wait until we are back at home and go in the back to potty. I'm fine with that. So far he has not pooped in the house. That's a miracle. The first day I got him I gave him free reign of the house. He was peeing everywhere. I immediately went online to get some help. I put him out back at first and my husband went and got some pads and doggy treats. I got different opinions about pads for huskies. Some say they don't work, others have said its great for training. I only use them for his crate. Sometimes during the day he has to be in his crate while we're gone. I also keep him on a leash, when he is not in his crate. I think because he is confined most of the time he will comply, because when I let him off the leash or out of his crate he will pee in the house. My question is...Is there an age or time when I can let him roam free in the house and he will not pee everywhere? I don't want to keep him confined forever. Also, he will be 8 weeks in 2 days.
  6. We recently got a Siberian Husky puppy. She is now 10 weeks old. We are having serious issues with her pooping in her crate. She will pee outside no problem but rarely poops outside. Then she will poop in her kennel overnight and roll around in it. During the day she is in the kennel for about 3.5hrs and then I let her out on my lunch break. I let her run around the backyard for 30 mins before going back to work. When we get home from work, there is always a mess of poop. The breeder had her in a larger kennel, and seemed to have no accidents. What can we do to fix this problem? I've heard that Siberians are a stubborn breed, but I didn't think it would be this bad! We have tried regulating her diet and only feeding her at 6am and no later than 6pm to see if that would help and it hasn't. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  7. Aspen slept through the night!!!!!!!!!!!! I usually wake her up at 9:30pm right before i actually go to sleep...well last night I was so tired I fell asleep and she didn't make a peep till the alarm went off at 4:45am. She is also doing much better with the potty training. She is peeing outside all day, we are still working on poo'ing although she is doing that outside first thing in the morning. Baby steps I keep telling myself. This weekend I plan on giving her full access to the bedroom instead of just the enclosure where she is sleeping now. I hope that goes well cause I need some space back in the bedroom and Tuff would like to have a spot for his bed back again.
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