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Found 2 results

  1. For a few days now my boy started to be afraid of going outside to the backyard. Normally he would go to pee and run around. Sometimes we would lock him out while handling food, so he would sit by the door waiting for us to let him in. Although even this, he was never afraid of going outside. But suddenly one morning he refused to go outside, even though we finally got him out, he just sat on the doormat. He eventually pee'd inside. So this has been going on for about 3 days now, we have to leash him out the door, and stand outside wait for him to pee. He's totally fine when going on walks, so I assumed it was just some weird smell. But the only thing I found is my neighbor smoking one day near our fence. He's not out there 24/7 nor does he throw the buds into our yard, so I doubt the smell stays this long. While this is going on, one of our roommates moved out, so some furnitures were also moved around. And now even in the house he's oddly cautious and alert. Any noise he would jump. (My boy is a big scaredy cat, but its not like a totally different environment) Before he would spend time outside, or try to steal our food instead, now he just stays in my room all day being a lazy potato.
  2. Hi guys, I'm after some advice about training one of my girls on lead please!!! Basic Background: We currently have three huskies, all female and have mostly desirable behaviours solidified in the house. Outside is a different story all together (( I have to hold my hands up and say I am partly (wholly) to blame for this as I figured outside would be their time. They pull. I don't care. They jump. I don't care. They sniff, they charge, they yamp. They're on their time, I don't care ... Until recently. It was a normal walk, on a normal day but on our way back we bumped into a human. A strange human that we had never sniffed before! 2 of them are over their initial excitement once we tell them to 'let's go'. Great. Mishka however, is not. This is where you guys, hopefully, help! Mishka gets outside and goes deaf. I swear! Now, like I said, the pulling I can handle. Her excitement is what I can't. It's like she has never been outside before. We have several different walks we take, so it's never the same one day to the next but EVERYTHING stimulates her. Humans, animals, cars, leaves, puddles, hedges, sniffs etc etc ETC. At the moment we are at the point where she has snapped 2 harnesses because she was jumping and pulling so hard to get to people. Okay, so sensible mommy mode kicks in and I decide that some sort of training has to be put in outside. I still want it to be their time, but the excitement has to be taken down a notch. The last few weeks have been hopeless though. Like I said, she goes deaf. She isn't at all food motivated outside. If I manage to get her close enough to me to take the treat out of my hands, she spits it straight out and takes the lead again. I've tried walking her on a shoter lead, she pulled my arm out of my socket. Any way, what I would like is some advice on positive training methods to gain her attention outside. Thanks in advance!!!
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