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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Just rescued a lovely Siberian husky from a shelter she's a little skittish, but is super sweet... To me (I'm a woman). But she's super scared of my boyfriend. H (the boyfriend) is the one who saw and picked her out. The shelter said she was picked up as a stray, but she looks to be full Siberian husky. They don't know how long she was a stray. She seems to be in great health barring a little fur missing at the very tips of her ears. ( Shelter said that was common in strays though. Nothing serious... Some sort of fly bites I think they said). I picked her up right after the shelter spayed her bc H had to work. It's been 4 days now and I work from home, so I've been able to stay w/ her the entire time, which has helped her get comfortable as she heals up. (She was a little unsure of the home and me at first too). H hasn't been able to spend much time with her, as he has had to work the last 4 days. And now she won't do anything w/o me. She growls at H and even tried to nip at him once. And she also won't eat her kibble. She'll gobble up hotdogs, and some salmon dog treats, but that's about it. How do I get her to open up to H? And start eating? Any help would really be appreciated. H is so sad that the dog he loves is so scared of him. 😭
  2. Hi, I'm getting really worried i have a female husky who is 13 months old and will hardly eat? I think it's down to me spoiling her and giving her to much choice! I have tried the she will eat when she's hungry for 3 days and she literally ate no more than a handful. She loves her veg like carrots and sweet peppers Brussel sprouts etc! But again keeps only when she feels like eating them. (I had a male husky for 10 years and had no problems with him) she's on barking heads biscuits but again will only eat a little. She isn't ill as she will happily eat a dog chews/bones. I think I'm giving her to much choice and she's become spoilt. I try her with chicken, boiled mince,lambs liver etc and she will eat tiny bits of them she now hates wet dog food! As i said she will happily eat dog chews/bones and is healthy. Sometimes i hear her wake up about 4am and eat all her food in the bowl but then that's very rare she does that. I heard that huskies will only eat as much as they burn off the calories which i don't know if it's true as my last husky i had no eating problems with. Sorry for the long message I'm just getting worried. She's not really thin but she's slim and needs to put some weight on. Thank you for reading this.
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