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Found 15 results

  1. Henlo frens, Im Doggo, the husky pupper, pawsome to meet ya'll My hooman is named Listek, also happ to be here! Heck!
  2. Hey my names devin im new to owning my own husky and have a 9 week old husky with a bit of akita in her. So far she's a great dog listen well takes to training pretty good and even love our one cat. But we are having issues with nipping and peeing every to she goes in to a new room. Tho she is young and just started her training and nothing change over night. Now i have read alot in to training and watched some videos but im always up for hearing from other people. As of now her routine is wake up at 5AM to go pee and for a walk around the block( will be long when she's older), then gets half a cup of dog food 3x a day with treats for training she is let out every 2hrs and anytime she has high energy we play with toys. I look forward from learn and share our experiences with everyone
  3. Jazzy


    Hello all, I have a Siberian/Lab mix 5 month old puppy so I hope since she is not a purebred I am still welcome here Her name is Kiva and I am hoping to get a purebred Siberian to be her playmate!!
  4. Hello. I’m Stephanie. So excited to join the group with my baby Oreo. He’s a 9 month old Siberian 22kg. Full of love and spirit.
  5. Hi there, I am Samantha, coming from Marrickville, Australia, currently a full time mum to two, a boy and a girl, plus our dog Cooper! I love to discuss health, nutrition, parenting, pet topics and to exchange experiences with others, trying to learn from their "mistakes" as much as from my own
  6. Hello! I already posted in the Health section yesterday and some people offer us some great advice. But I suppose I should officially introduce us! My name is Hayley, my husband (Caleb) and our son (Rohan) live up in the blue mountains in Oregon in the United States. We also have two cats named Baelish and Varys. We have talked about adopting a dog since last winter when we bought our house with a HUGE yard and a doggy door already installed. We have been checking local animal shelter listings looking for either a husky or a lab, and last Tuesday we saw Drogo in our local shelter, went and met him and decided to bring him home! What we know about the first approximately three years of his life is very little. He was found starving and dirty tied to a tree. He waited for owners to find him for a month before being put up for adoption and howled for most of it. He has a lot of separation anxiety and has been fairly sick since coming home, but we are nearly 24 hours sick free and got him to eat rice and chicken last night! He isn't shy about water and has stayed hydrated. We are really impressed with him already. He knows a few basic commands and is great with kids. He walks with me to take my son to school and pick him up and we've started letting kids pet him, he loves the attention! He even gets on well with one of our cats, they lay next to each and touch noses and sniff each other, the other cat wants nothing to do with them. Though both cats have a kitty door installed going up to the loft area so they have a large safe space he can't get to. I'm excited to see what his personality is like as he starts to feel more at home and gain back the weight he lost!
  7. Hello, I'm Sampson's Owner, the owner of Sampson the Puppy! Just wanted to say, "Hi!" to everyone. I'm a new member, but I've been with Sampson for about three years now.
  8. Hi everyone!! I am new to this site, this is my first post I have always LOVED huskies - ever since I was a baby. My parents had a black & white husky since before I was born, and I spoke my first word "dog" while looking at his beautiful face. Now, many years later (and a happy dog home that has welcomed many breeds and rescues) we are bringing another husky into our lives, and I am over the moon. My family has picked out this beautiful baby girl (named Lucy), I think she is just stunning. It will be about another month before we can take her home, and I haven't got to meet her yet but my brother and mom have sent me these photos. I wanted to share this because I am so excited - but also because I've never seen colors like hers before and wanted to know if anyone else has had a puppy with similar colors/markings? I am wondering if she is red, sable, or maybe something else? Just curious to see what other people think!! PS: Here mom is light red and white, and her dad is black and white.
  9. Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and our gorgeous girl, Nuka, hence the forum name. We are from Langham and we would love to meet some new friends in the area and have walkies together if possible. I look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks, Charlie
  10. Hi We are from the south uk. We have had Cleo for nearly 2 years. We also have a Boarder terrier, we are thinking of coming to the husky camp in wales.
  11. Hi there! I'm Chloe and I'm 16 years old. I've just finished High School which means I have more time with my precious dogs! I have two dogs, although I want a lot more. I live with my parents and older brother, so two dogs is all I could get and I'm not complaining! My first dog is Holly. She is a beautiful 4 (almost 5) year old, female, Labrador. She's had two litters in her lifetime and they were both successful and a wonderful experience for everyone, her included. She often has little play dates with her pups ^_^ They're all nearly full grown now. Anyways, she's an amazing dog. She guards the house with her life, and she's the softest dog you'll ever meet. She's very hyperactive though, so she doesn't really do well indoors. She'd much rather be in the garden or out on a very long walk. My newest addition to my small pack is Freya. I got her when she was about 2 months old as a surprise present from my parents for doing my exams. My brother got a holiday with his friends abroad when he did his exams, so they said they had to come up with something as equally amazing for me. It's definitely the best and most unexpected surprise I've ever had, and it almost gave me a heart attack. I came home from school, which was a relatively bad day anyway, to find my parents in the living room and a cardboard box on the floor with a cushion on it. They said something like "Sort through all that crap I found in your room so I know what to throw out". I was kinda annoyed at this because I'd had a painfully long and hard day anyways, I didn't really want them nagging at me for this, as they'd done before. So I wasn't like "wow, this is weird. They've never done this before...". I opened it and I almost cried with joy... She was there in the box with a cute bandanna around her neck ^_^ She was so sweet, she started crying until I picked her up. I was thinking of names of her, I was going to call her either Yuki, Sansa or Fira. My mum was giving me ideas like "Breeze" but I didn't like them... I said each name to her, like you do. But when I came to Fira, It came out "Freya" on accident (my brain had a malfunction) and she barked at me!! It was so cliche but so cute, so I was like "YEP! Freya, her names Freya". It was perfect :') Ever since I was 4 I wanted a Husky more than anything. I used to bug my family by repeating over and over again that "Husky's are the bestest dogs in the whole world!". Me and my 4-year-old lisp... 5 months have flown by and she's a great dog. She get's along well with Holly, even though they play fight and get jealous of each other occasionally, but that's normal. Sibling rivalry, I suppose. They're my baby's and I'd never be able to live without either of them. So, We're all glad to be a member of this website! I saw it and I was excited to have somewhere to go when I have a question or problem. I'm encountering lots as time goes on, I've never owned a Husky before, so it's a new experience for me. Please, if you've got any advice, tell me! I'm always welcome to any help I can get :') Thankyou so much for reading! - Wolfee
  12. hello everyone i am new hear my name is ely i was hoping to find this forum helpful so lets i adopted a all white sieberian husky july 15 of last year everyday since then i guess i wake up with the thought of theres always more to learn. i love my sibe but i have had some problems that are out of my knowlege
  13. Hi -- Glad to have found this site. My aging Husky, Annabelle, is in her 80s and I've been grieving her decline. I'm not very adept at loss, but I realize her time is limited. She's a beautiful Red, a patient, subtle communicator, highly intelligent and a Diva with Betty Davis eyes. She has Cushing's disease and has been on Ketokonozole, a fungus medication, for 2 years. I took the least-agressive treatment path and it worked. She also has disc problems, and her hind legs are getting weaker. Her right leg now shakes after walking half a block. She's on Tramadol twice a day. I give her extended massage a few times a week. Lately, she's gotten very picky about food. But I may be to blame. I tried a growth-hormone based supplement called DogtoRX recently at the recommendation of one of the staff at the pet store I frequent. I weened her off the Ketokonozole as I introduced the supplement. Her Cushing's symptoms returned and she started to get sick, so I went back to the medication and stopped the supplement. However during that time, I switched her food twice (from Wellness to Origens) and started putting meat and broth in her food to stimulate her appetite. She seems to be doing a little better now, but she's mopey, and I'm projecting that she's unhappy to have her joints and mobility at odds with her Husky nature. I saw my mom through her age-related decline, and it was no picnic. I keep thinking she must be depressed because of how she's feeling physically. I'm doing all I can, giving her pep talks, massage, heating pad, easy-to-chew treats, even the occasional bone. She's not getting enough exercise now … uhg. I'm not able to afford supplements for long, so I'm trying to get the EFA into her food with, well, food. So, what to do? Other than pampering her with diet (she's not buying into the kibble much anymore), and giving her love and encouragement, I'm unsure how to bring her spirits around. She still plays with her toys. One new wrinkle is that I started a part-time job and so I've been gone more. How do we care for our aging Husky? I love her so much it hurts.
  14. hisui


    Hi everyone, Im from Japan currently working in Hanoi, Vietnam. I joined today in the hope to shed some light about my huskies mysterious pink cheeks & ears that seems to be spreading... Although its very cute, i am aware its not normal.... !
  15. Hello Community, My name is Shawn Valentine and I just got my little husky puppy Sabaka 6 weeks ago. I rescued him from a shelter here in Charlotte NC. He was approximately 8 weeks old at that time. Our time together has been nothing short of awesome to date. He has an amazing personality and is so friendly. He has caught on quickly to some training that I have been working on with him. Such an intelligent dog. Anyways, we just wanted to say hello quickly.
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