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Found 5 results

  1. Hey my names devin im new to owning my own husky and have a 9 week old husky with a bit of akita in her. So far she's a great dog listen well takes to training pretty good and even love our one cat. But we are having issues with nipping and peeing every to she goes in to a new room. Tho she is young and just started her training and nothing change over night. Now i have read alot in to training and watched some videos but im always up for hearing from other people. As of now her routine is wake up at 5AM to go pee and for a walk around the block( will be long when she's older), then gets half a cup of dog food 3x a day with treats for training she is let out every 2hrs and anytime she has high energy we play with toys. I look forward from learn and share our experiences with everyone
  2. Hello all! I'm adopting my first husky puppy (she will be 8 weeks) and have a few questions about training! 1) I live in a large family that includes my husband's dad and grandparents, so while my husband and I may not be home during the day, they will be. (I work 7 on/7off so mainly the 7 on part they'll be the biggest help). Would it be better to leave her by herself for awhile during the day or is it ok for her to be able to see them all day? I'm concerned she may became too dependent on us causing problems/separation anxiety leaving her alone for a few hours here and there when she's older. 2) Is it better to move the crate at night time to our bedroom? I don't know if change of space may cause her confusion. I will be the one taking her out at night to use the bathroom. 3) For crate training, should I close the crate door during a few hours of the day or let her roam in an enclosure with the crate available for her to use? I want to be able to crate train her but I want her to be able to roam around and exercise a bit during the day playing with her toys (outside of the time we take to walk her/play with her/etc.) I appreciate all the help and am open to all suggestions and advice!
  3. Hi! My husband and I just got Onyx 3 days ago, he is 15weeks old. He and my older puppy Odin (8mo) seem to get along pretty well. The only problem I have with Onyx is potty training him! We have a small area at the back of our house that Odin happily uses as his toilet, but Onyx completely refuses to use it I took him straight after he woke up in the morning, after meals, and after playing but he just won't go. Tried taking him an hour later, still no result.. And then just after I gave up he peed on the floor! I don't understand why he seems to dislike the toilet so much! I know he's older than Odin when I first got him and he can hold his bladder longer, but I remember Odin still had to go straight away after he woke up in the morning.. I really want him to be housebroken, but it's really hard to get him to go in the toilet area so I can't praise him in the moment Any tips will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hey everyone! So, as you may or may not know I have adopted a beautiful 2 year old husky named Maddie. She's a doll and has been walking fairly well on her current collar and leash however her collar has some serious wear and tear and I need to get it replaced sooner rather than later in the event she decides she doesn't want to walk nicely on the leash and pulls the collar right off. She's a tugger more than a puller - she doesn't yank me across the grass or strain but she definitely has some slight tension in the lead. I am curious on y'alls take on what the best collar or harness I could get her would be as well as leads. She's got a very sturdy 6 foot lead but it feels so short especially when she wants to do a little exploring which means I'm right up in the bushes with her so she can. What would you recommend? Collar or harness? Any specific type? Also what length and type of lead do you use? THANKS!
  5. Hi there, my name is Monica I just rescued a red husky a week ago. He is about 20 months (owner couldnt tell me exact age). His name is Grizzly. This is my first husky and I jumped in completely blind. I know nothing about huskies except what I have read online the last few days. He is very smart. When I got him he didnt even know his name. I had him responding his name with in a night. His previous owner left him outside with a shock collar. Grizzly was given two options, find a new home or be put down. I was told he had to be fed in his crate because of his food aggression. He doesnt have any food aggression that I have seen, however he is not getting along with my pit/boxer mix. She is now terrified of him and when he enters a room she goes into protect mode and freaks out. This happened after he split her ear and hurt her leg. I have broken up about 8 fights a day. It has gotten better only 2 today, but Im at the losing end. I love both these dog but have no clue how to stop them. Any tips I would Love I have tried everything I canthink of, I have never had a dog fight before so I dont know what to do. Sorry if this is to long.
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