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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all! I know, I know, this must be a topic that has been overly discussed, huskies are picky. My question is, does your husky (if he/she was or still is picky) ever snap out of it? Like, does he suddenly not skip meals etc. My husky is 15mo, and he reached 44lbs maybe a couple month ago. However his weight now drops to a mere 37lbs last time I weighed him He feels bony along the spine and hip. Ribs feel fine though. It's just that his tummy tucks in so much it worries me. I know huskies fill out when they're about 18-24 months – does your husky eat more when it happens? He was on Nutrisource for most of his puppyhood until he refused to eat it any longer. I switched him to Farmina Top Salmon which he loved until recently. I really don't want to keep buying new dog food. I take his bowl if he doesn't eat it in 15-20mins and he'll eat when he's really hungry but that's like every other day if I'm lucky. We go running, swimming, and long walks so I don't know why his appetite is that bad. He eats dinner but not breakfast, and sometimes he doesn't even finish that one meal. Any advise?
  2. Hi guys! I have a 1 year old Alaskan Husky male, and Im not sure if I am feeding him correctly. I have tried to talk to my vet about it, but I don`t think he has much experience with huskys so it was not very helpful. Balder has just turned 1 year, and weigh 23kg. The average weight for his type should be 25-28 fully grown, so the weight seems fine to me. What worries me is that i can see all his ribs and his spine, and that many people including my vet says he is underweight. He seems healthy and happy. I have fed him kibble all his life, and sometimes some raw meet. His poop is often loose, so I have tried different brands. Right now his getting James Well beloved, but there is no difference. What do you guys recommend to feed him? Is there any supplements I can try? Should I switch to raw diet? Where do I get raw food from in West London? Any good vets in ealing area? and so on.., Thank you!!!
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