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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I am new to this forum. we recently welcomed two husky brothers into our family and they are lovely. Mischevious but lovely. I just wondered if anyone could recommend the most secure and best Kennel and runs for husky’s please? As want to make sure they are safe and happy in the one we choose? Thank you
  2. Hi everyone, I'm having a problem with my husky Keira, she is ten months old and every time I leave her in the kennel for more than one hour she poops or pees or both inside the kennel. It's a smaller kennel so she doesn't have too much room and I exercise her and let her go to the bathroom before I put her in it. I believe it's separation anxiety, because if I'm watching another dog and there's another dog in the kennel right next to her she's fine and she can hold it, what are some good tips to help break the anxiety so she'll be more relaxed in the kennel and won't go to the bathroom inside of it, I've tried toys, treats, I've tried beds, blankets, covering the kennel, and a few other things. I'm at a loss as to what to do now, any feedback will be appreciated and will be tried.
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first time posting on here, but I really need some help.. My boyfriend and I recently rescued a 2 year old female husky from a rescue in fond du lac where we live. All we really know about her background is that she was from a bad breeder and was kenneled her entire life. We've had her about a month now, and we're really having some issues with her. I'm pretty sure from a lot of the research that I've done that she has separation anxiety. She defecates in the house while we're gone even though she's been let out an hour prior and is totally potty trained, she chews at door and windows and tries to escape anytime she is confined. She has now ripped the trim off of the door in the room that we've been keeping her in while we're gone. We tried putting her in a kennel this past weekend when we left for about an hour. She broke the latch on the metal kennel and escaped out the bottom. Now today we went and bought a plastic kennel that's a bit more study. We put her in it with toys and treats when we left for about an hour or so and when we came back she was still in there, thank goodness, but she had tried to bite her way out, was chewing on her paws to the point where they were soaked and almost bleeding (she's never done that before) and was shaking uncontrollably. She an angel when we're home, but once we leave she panics. I If you have any tips for me that would be great or if you know someone in the area that would be helpful to us that would be great to know also. (I am located in fond du lac, wi) Thank you for listening, Abby Donigain
  4. I am in the process of adopting a husky (and his buddy - not a husky) from a local shelter. I need to put up a kennel to use while their enclosure is being built. They will not be exclusively outdoor dogs - they have kennels/crates set up already in my garage/home office/den but we know quite a bit about the husky's history already and he doesn't like to be in the house. I work from home - they aren't going to be left outside while I'm away, but I would like to be able to leave them in there while I am home without needing to actively supervise them at every moment. From his history he isn't much of a climber, but he is a digger. So while I don't need to do the Fort Knox style enclosures with lean ins, I probably need either dig guards or a floor. There will be cement under the fence in the enclosure, but I don't want to go that far for something temporary. If I need to supervise - I will. I'm near the beach - we'll run in the morning early and I'm off work by 2pm, so have the afternoons free to run or exercise them as needed. I can take breaks during the work day if they really need to be supervised to go out. They do a good job of wearing each other out and I'm not too worried about them not getting enough exercise, though I certainly don't want them getting bored for being cooped up for too long. I'm looking for any recommendations on a prefab kennel/run of a decent size that I can put up for the time it is going to take to finish the larger (about half an acre) enclosure. Like I said - something I could comfortably let them out in for periods of time during the day. If I am not home or if I am deeply enmeshed in something work related, they will be in the kennels in the garage (it's heated and ventilated and I often work there during the day.)
  5. Hi All Since I live in TX, I can no longer leave my husky outside during the day while I am at work since it gets so hot so I am attempting to crate train a 5yr old dog. Why do I have to crate train her? Because if I dont, I come home to a new surprise each day, trash all over the place, pillows allover the floor, and the worst one, she gets in the pantry and eats raw food which makes her sick. I can not risk her eventually killing herself. We just started the trianing saturday and its not going so well. I dont like putting her in during the night because she will be in the crate from about 1pm - 6pm (we put her in the house during our lunch instead of the morning). Since we started crate training she is snobby around me.. I know this sounds silly, but really, I think she is extremely upset at me. I call her over and she just stares at me, which is super weird bc Maya is extremely attached to me and no one else. This morning I tried to let her out as our usual routine and she just threw herself on the floor and would not move. I dont know what to do.. Suggestions? Only way I can get her to move is if I get the leash since she loves walks... other than that.. she pretty much hates me right now. I dont know if buying the crate was such a good choice after all. I'll appreciate any advice or comments. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.
  6. Just to let everyone know and hopefully get some feedback, Kathy and I in the near future will be starting our own Dog Kennel business. We are very excited. We are currently in the process of purchasing a farm and as soon as that is complete we'll be looking into the conversion process. Our aim is quality over quantity and we're looking at probably just five kennels and really applying the caring element. So apart from helping us celebrate We're looking for peoples story's and experiences with kennels, we want to void the bad stuff and really dig deep on the good stuff. So whether or not you've used them (why/why not), if you have, what did you like the most, what did you not like or even upset you? What would be your ideal place to leave you dog? We have a lot of grand plans but we need to be practical and really base them on real life situations. So any feedback is most welcome and will definitely earn you a beer or two at the camp this week. Cheers Tony & Kathy
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