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Found 9 results

  1. Greetings to all the others on this forum from myself (Conor, card-carrying human and honorary Omega dog of Irish/German/Hawaiian extraction), my wife (from China) and my current two pack members, 'Nala' (black & white) and 'Sooka' (black & white, also spelled 'Suka'). Nala is, by the way, our Alpha. Both are rescues, obtained through the Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NorSLED.org). A bit of background on us: Wifie and I met about 30 years ago and have kept Siberian Husky dogs ever since, all obtained through NorSLED, as rescues. Not including our present pack-mates, we hav
  2. Hello to all, Im a single morher with a 10 year old awsome daughter. Thanksgiving day I decided that We needed an animal as I have been so lonely after our cat was killed in August. I started really looking and was unsure of what I really wanted. I wanted to rescue but also I wanted a brand new baby. An oppurtunity had opened up and I saw a friend on next door neighbor app post a “rehome 9week husky”. I set up the time for a meet and greet. I started watching utube videos and trying to research the internet. After a few hours of that I thought “oh my god” no way! I called and cancelled the
  3. hello my husky's name is logan. logan was a birthday gift he is now 1 year and 4 months old. logan has a short tail that we don't know how it happened since we lost contact of his previous owner. also he is the most adorable doggy ever. he's my world.
  4. Hi guys , I'm from India and I'm new to the forum :") , looking forward to be a part of this family ,I'm also gonna be getting a husky home in about 3 weeks and I'm a first time owner,so any help would be appreciated a lot 😄😄
  5. Hello everyone 👋🏻👋🏻 and thank you for adding me to the group. Maya was my son’s dog and he got her at 8 weeks. At the time he got her he also had a German Shepherd(Max) so she had a playmate. Unfortunately the GS had to be put down as he was old and in pain.😥 After Max was gone her behavior totally changed. Started tearing things up, going potty in house. He wasn’t home enough to give her the proper attention thus the behavior problems. She is now a year old and I have had her since November. I also have a border collie/Shepherd mix (Maggie) who is 4 years old. They get along well but there ar
  6. Hello! I already posted in the Health section yesterday and some people offer us some great advice. But I suppose I should officially introduce us! My name is Hayley, my husband (Caleb) and our son (Rohan) live up in the blue mountains in Oregon in the United States. We also have two cats named Baelish and Varys. We have talked about adopting a dog since last winter when we bought our house with a HUGE yard and a doggy door already installed. We have been checking local animal shelter listings looking for either a husky or a lab, and last Tuesday we saw Drogo in our local shelter, went an
  7. Hello! I've mentioned some of this under my question thread (didn't realise this was here!:). My guy's name is Arlo & he's about six months. I got him from a husky rescue group & he may have shepherd in him! We were told he was dumped at a shelter because of a malformed eye & the rescue group was notified about his existence & took him in. They had his eye removed soon after & he's actually really lucky he lost it so young! He's a really sweet boy & super trainable - so far:) He's also a lot of work; energetic, stubborn, & comical! Talks a lot too! I'm glad I found
  8. Hello, I'm Sampson's Owner, the owner of Sampson the Puppy! Just wanted to say, "Hi!" to everyone. I'm a new member, but I've been with Sampson for about three years now.
  9. The answer to all my childhood dreams is contained in the two mismatched eyes of my husky named Shiloh! I got her around 10 months ago and it's been a wild ride so far. Unfortunately, while I longed for a husky for a number of years, I never did proper research on the breed. I, of course, was attracted to the striking beauty of the dogs and not much else. I often begged my parents to get me a husky and they always refused (luckily, because discovering the characteristics of the breed AFTER getting one would have been a nightmare under my parents' roof). But when I graduated from high scho
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