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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I just got a male husky puppy last January 11. The seller said he was born last Nov. 11, 2018 so he was exactly two months old when we got him. His name is Jarvis by the way.. I was just wondering if I was tricked because he looks small for a two-month old husky. The seller said he is a purebreed but some people said he looks small for a two-month old. I don't think he's sick because he eats normally and is very playful. He still eats the same type of food from what the seller has fed him. And are his ears supposed to still be floppy at two months? I would still love him the same though even if he wasn't a purebreed but I just want to know if he really isn't. I don't want to tell people that asks if he's purebreed that he is and then turns out he's not. What do you guys think?(his pictures attached) InShot_20190117_002238535.mp4 V_20190116_133021_EH1.mp4 V_20190116_131052_DOC0.mp4
  2. Hey I'm a first time husky owner! I have a question about my first and new husky girl named Russia, I've never had this kind of puppy before so I wanted to ask, do their faces lighten as they grow? She has grey on her face but not completely just in little parts, will these change? Is it normal in a husky?? She has light blue eyes and the white parts on her body are normal, no grey.
  3. Just a short video of our girl at 9 months doing some tricks. I'll upload an updated version soon, she's learned quite a lot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBW0DrzBfx0&feature=youtu.be
  4. Hi everyone!! I am new to this site, this is my first post I have always LOVED huskies - ever since I was a baby. My parents had a black & white husky since before I was born, and I spoke my first word "dog" while looking at his beautiful face. Now, many years later (and a happy dog home that has welcomed many breeds and rescues) we are bringing another husky into our lives, and I am over the moon. My family has picked out this beautiful baby girl (named Lucy), I think she is just stunning. It will be about another month before we can take her home, and I haven't got to meet her yet but my brother and mom have sent me these photos. I wanted to share this because I am so excited - but also because I've never seen colors like hers before and wanted to know if anyone else has had a puppy with similar colors/markings? I am wondering if she is red, sable, or maybe something else? Just curious to see what other people think!! PS: Here mom is light red and white, and her dad is black and white.
  5. Husky health problems are more likely to be related to the eyes. Cataracts are the most common eye condition that affects huskies. Even though this is quite a common condition with huskies the good news is that cataracts in most cases will not cause your husky to go blind. It is a good idea to get your veterinarian to check your huskies eyes annually just in case they have a more severe form of cataracts that can cause blindness. Another health problem is corneal dystrophy of the eye. This husky health condition will normally not show up until your husky is at least 3 years of age. Once again get your veterinarian to pay particular attention to your huskies eyes during each annual check-up. Even though husky health issues are relatively uncommon, you still need to be vigilant with your huskies health. Being aware of potential health problems is the first step and you are now more informed than you were. Doing thorough investigation into the lines of your husky before purchasing is also necessary. Once you have purchase your husky puppy, you should find a veterinarian that has experience in diagnosing and treating husky health problems.
  6. This is him - http://youtu.be/FsJKsSNRUI0 I plan to post more better videos soon. Got a GoPro so the videos I will make of my husky will be a lot better. Subscribe to my channel for more! If you have a channel, let me know so I can subscribe to yours as well! Love to see these dogs!!
  7. My baby when he was a baby! Gorgeous breed!
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