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Found 2 results

  1. My 60lb, 9 month old, Siberian Husky (Mac), will only eat his kibble if there is either water or bone/chicken/beef broth mixed into it and slightly soaked into it. Most of the time he just laps up the liquids and then pushes on the food with his nose to squeeze more liquids out, when he can't get anymore flavorful liquids out of his bowl and/or semi soaked kibble, he starts to whine and push his bowl around looking for more. Sometimes he eats all of his food, probably 1/3 of the time. I've tried adding fresh chicken or beef to it with veggies all chopped up fine, and he just ends up picking those out unless I put a lot of liquids in the bowl and he will chomp down everything sometimes. I just want him to be eating enough food for his age, I rarely give him treats and only feed 2-3 times a day, lots of walks/runs. He will literally wait days until I give him food flooded with broth or water.. Can someone help me? This is frustrating, I know this is the only kibble he will touch because I've tried a lot of them and this one is by far the winner by a long shot. Taste of the Wild, with or without the Ancient Grains. Thanks for the advice or comments.
  2. Hi all, my first post here. Just looking for advice on diet for my 3 year old sib x mal. She has recently become very hungry despite having her 2 bowls of food per day and snacks in between and has started resorting to stealing food from the kitchen work tops and anywhere else she can find it including my 1 year old daughters food when she is eating. Last week we cooked the sunday dinner and left a roast chicken to cool, went to work on the car, came back and the chicken was demolished, she had eaten the lot! She has never stolen before and would like to think we had taught her better than that, and this is highly unusual behavior for her. She is up to date on worming and flea/tick treatment and currently shedding which is when she started doing this. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this during shedding or whether this is down to diet or something else. She is currently eating a mix of good quality raw meats/fish and wet canned food as that is all she will pretty much eat at the moment. We have tried her with dry foods, brown rice and veg but doesn't eat it unless you leave it there for a long periods of time. But she will eat dry foods as treats which i find odd. When we put her food down it is gone within seconds and then she is urging almost like she is going to be sick, then scouring the rest of the house for more food. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
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