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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, I am new to this forum but was looking for some advice for my 6-month old husky! He is very playful, enjoys walks and is very strong! However, since he was around 5 months of age, he started to show an arched back. This was accompanied with pretty severe muscle tremors (severity: 9/10). We took him to the vet and, after examinations and blood tests, we were told that his new food may not be suitable for him (we had weaned him onto his new kibble completely the before these symptoms occurred). So we were told to put pup onto a gluten-free diet, which we did and the tremors have red
  2. Hello, about a week ago Ocean, my 4 year old Husky, chased down a street cat. I tried to intervene to train Ocean and to save the cat, and got myself bitten in the process. The bite is fine and i took a tetanus shot and antibiotic course as a precaution. the wound is minimal. i have since been interacting normally with her. Anyway, last night Ocean started acting out of character: excessive hauling, no appetite. she was fine this afternoon, although still no appetite, and then turned aggressive and tried to bite me. that is not her normal and it has not
  3. Hi I have a husky named Thor who is about two and a half. The fur on the left side of his neck is standing up and when I feel near the root it feels dry and a little tangled but not knotted. After I brush it out it comes right back in a couple hours. If anybody knows what’s going on i would really appreciate it.
  4. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the help with the hand biting. Loki is now 9 months old, he has been eating TLC puppy food since we got him. He does well on that, good large stools although a bit loose and he goes usually twice in the morning, once at lunch and once after dinner. I was thinking about keeping him on the TLC dog food but it is expensive (not that that is an issue). I was wondering what everyone thought as to a good dry food to give him, we are not a big fan of the wet food. Thank You in Advance Tom S
  5. Earlier today I was giving my my 8 year old sibe a bath when I noticed that there was blood coming from her anal area. Upon inspection I saw a little blood blister like thing in the 2 o'clock position( this one was slightly swollen) and then some other very small but similar spots at what seemed to be the 7pm position. The area wasn't hard or stiff. I proceeded to finish the bath and I walked her for about a mile as well, immediately after. I then took her to the vet and they checked her out. They said everything seemed normal internally. She's kept her appetite, drinks water normally, her s
  6. Luna is about 9 months old and I’m curious as to why her coat isn’t fluffy. I do live in Texas so could it be due to the fact that it’s summer time? Or maybe her coat isn’t fully developed yet? I absolutely love her but I’m just worried that her coat won’t be as fluffy as other husky’s coats.
  7. I’m hoping someone out there can help me. This is Chance and he is almost 3 years old. We have been fighting a losing battle with Atopic Dermatitis since he was 5 months old. He’s had biopsy’s, bloodwork, and been on more medication than I can count. He’s seen 3 different veterinarians, been on rounds of steroids, keflex, antifungals, anxiety meds, and others. Nothing has made any difference. He’s in pain and it’s breaking my heart. I’m a seasoned husky owner but I’ve never seen anything like this. I hope someone somewhere out there has an answer or has delt with a similar solution. I don’t kn
  8. Kota is an (almost) 19 month old husky living in Minnesota. He's pretty lazy because we can't run him as much as we should. For as long as I can remember having him he's always panted a lot. Of course he would when we take him to the park and on walks, but he also does it when he hasn't done any sort of physical activity (like sitting around in the house). For example we could be sitting on the couch together and he would just be slowly panting. It wasn't fast or rough. But for clarification its not CONSTANT but it does happen a lot. For a while I thought it was cute because it seemed relaxing
  9. I originally took my Sierra to the vet where they said it was Cataracts and she may be going blind...... her eye was a little swollen one of her pupils were so tiny her hey had some Cloudiness to it..... Now that eyes back to normal ( all but not as bright and cataracts still there) ....... But now the other eyes doing the same exact thing ....... i just need need something to ask the doctor about because it’s like their all clueless one what’s going one with her and I really don’t think it’s just Cataracs.... if anyone can just throw some ideas out there to ask doctors it’s just
  10. I have an appointment with the vets tomorrow morning but just wondering if anyone could help. My husky has been blowing his coat but the one area above his back leg is very bald and red and is getting worse as he won't leave it alone since noticing it I have been making sure he doesn't lick or scratch at the area. If anyone has any advice on what it might be or how to make it better for him I would really appreciate it.
  11. Hey there! I'm interested in adopting a Siberian Husky puppy, and since I've never owned one before, I was hoping to get some advice when it comes to breeders. I have been searching for quite a while to find the perfect puppy, and I thought that I had, but later I was idly searching for husky pictures and came across a forum on this website, in which another user had in a similar situation to mine requested advice and discovered that his dream puppy may actually be riddled with health issues, and with your guys' help he decided on a much safer puppy. I'm hoping to have the same wonderful advic
  12. Hi! This is my first time raising a husky from puppy to adult. I’ve had many many husky dogs 7+ months but my little Kai is only 4 months old. When Kai and I were out training some lady said hello and greeted Kai. She then asked why he had “duck feet”. I was confused and when we got home I looked and thought “man! He does kind of have duck feet??” So I’d just like to ask, does his legs look normal? Are they pointed out unnaturally? Should I be worried? How can I fix this? Will they stay like this? I’ve attached a few pictures from a few days, to see his legs better. 95CA5B9C-A60C-4D6
  13. She is a 6 month husky weighing around 34 but sometimes I feel like she looks too thin. What do you guys think?
  14. Hello, I just joined the group to see if you might have some feed back. I recently took in a rescue forever. He came with prednisone and eye medication as he is going blind due to an autoimmune disorder. The first night he was here I noticed a yeasty Oder like an ear infection but times 100! His entire being smells. He was at the vet Friday and goes back for a biopsy in the morning because now he has a rash/hair loss around his mouth and today when I cleaned his eyes his fur came out to show raw flesh. I hope the vet the rescue uses can help him because I feel horrible. Has anyone seen or exp
  15. Hey everyone, After hundreds of Google searches & hours of reading I decided making an account would prove much more helpful & could answer specific questions. Poncho found me June 3rd 2017, She came bumbling out of the woods to me like she had known me her entire existence. My life has never been the same. Malnourished, Tic/flea infested, covered in dirt, mud and Lord knows what else I picked her up, feeling every rib...My main concern was feeding her first & cleaning her up second. The first food I ever gave her was bread, as that was all I had in my bag at that momen
  16. Hi, I'm getting really worried i have a female husky who is 13 months old and will hardly eat? I think it's down to me spoiling her and giving her to much choice! I have tried the she will eat when she's hungry for 3 days and she literally ate no more than a handful. She loves her veg like carrots and sweet peppers Brussel sprouts etc! But again keeps only when she feels like eating them. (I had a male husky for 10 years and had no problems with him) she's on barking heads biscuits but again will only eat a little. She isn't ill as she will happily eat a dog chews/bones. I think I'm giving her
  17. My husky developed a few small bumps underneath the skin on his chin and I assumed they would go away. He has been scratching at his chin a lot and they began to bleed and scab. Now I noticed there's a pretty big bump there now and it seems to hurt him if I touch it. Does anyone know what this is or if it's serious?
  18. Hello all! My family's husky Venus gave birth to a litter of 6 four weeks ago tomorrow. Last Friday, I noticed one of the pups was less active than usual, seeming a bit disoriented when she sat or stood up, and wouldn't eat. I took the whole litter to the vet on Saturday morning, and he diagnosed the lethargic one with coccidia. He told me that even though only one of them was symptomatic, the rest of the litter most likely had it as well and prescribed Albon solution for the litter. I've been giving the Albon to the pups every morning since Saturday, but the symptomatic one does no
  19. Hi, It was suggested I look for a Husky forum for assistance. Blaze is 11 or 12 years old (maybe), we rescued him in 2003. At the end of June he was diagnosed with diabetes, vet said I caught it in the very early stages, explained about cataracts etc. Said Blazes eyes and overall health was great and he did not expect anything to change for a year to 18 months. I started Blaze on insulin twice a day, going to the vet every week. Within 2 months Blaze went completely blind overnight with what the vet said are very mature cataracts. Blaze has become hysterical!!! (I've become his se
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