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Found 3 results

  1. My 60lb, 9 month old, Siberian Husky (Mac), will only eat his kibble if there is either water or bone/chicken/beef broth mixed into it and slightly soaked into it. Most of the time he just laps up the liquids and then pushes on the food with his nose to squeeze more liquids out, when he can't get anymore flavorful liquids out of his bowl and/or semi soaked kibble, he starts to whine and push his bowl around looking for more. Sometimes he eats all of his food, probably 1/3 of the time. I've tried adding fresh chicken or beef to it with veggies all chopped up fine, and he just ends up picking those out unless I put a lot of liquids in the bowl and he will chomp down everything sometimes. I just want him to be eating enough food for his age, I rarely give him treats and only feed 2-3 times a day, lots of walks/runs. He will literally wait days until I give him food flooded with broth or water.. Can someone help me? This is frustrating, I know this is the only kibble he will touch because I've tried a lot of them and this one is by far the winner by a long shot. Taste of the Wild, with or without the Ancient Grains. Thanks for the advice or comments.
  2. Hi everyone! My family has owned huskies and malamutes since I was born. I discovered this group because I’m now raising a female husky I adopted about 8 months ago. Prior to this, the huskies we have had were all from the same breeder who has since retired. Living downtown creates a bit of a tricky situation because at my parents, we can let her run around the backyard. Now, that’s totally dependant on walks, which I’ve enjoyed! Yesterday, however, I was bringing Aspen inside when I saw ticks on the top of her fur. Then my dad found one nearly between her eyes; later we took her collar off to find a few big ones underneath. Now I’m pretty sure where she got them and we’ll have to avoid the nature areas. I’m afraid because she didn’t feel well the last few days so we’ve kept the walks simple, but right now her appetite is back, she looks better and seems okay, however I’m giving her a few sick days just to make sure she rests and so we can figure out a new route for our walks. With her coat being so thick, I’m not even sure we got all the ticks; it seems impossible! I feel like I went through everything and especially under the collar, tummy, etc. Because most of our dogs have just exercised in the backyard, I’ve never dealt with ticks. What else should I know? Are they like bedbugs where everything has to be cleaned and everything? I’m glad I found this group and look forward to talking to everyone more!
  3. We've had my puppy for 4-5 months now, & about two weeks ago I noticed a small spot on the top of her muzzle (right before her nose begins). It was red, and looked like a cut. So I figured she scratched it on something & let it heal up. Which it did almost, until I came home one day & it was back to red & it was bleeding a little, freshly cut. & repeat. Problem is, it happens around different times & I never catch her in the act of whatever she is doing, which I assume is rubbing her nose against something... Is this normal? I was going to ask the vet but apparently last time they only needed shots for her & no vet actual visit... Any tips or anything? I feel so bad for my baby...
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