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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I have a husky named Thor who is about two and a half. The fur on the left side of his neck is standing up and when I feel near the root it feels dry and a little tangled but not knotted. After I brush it out it comes right back in a couple hours. If anybody knows what’s going on i would really appreciate it.
  2. Hi there again- I am new to this forum. I wanted to ask everyone if you have had any experience with a white, oily residue with your husky? Misty is mid coat blow right now and I've noticed that she has developed this white-ish residue that transfers onto my fingers when I pet her. Theres no smell and its not clumping up or really even visible other than on my fingers after I pet her. She had a bath about 3 weeks ago to try and aid the coat blowing. Anyone have any thoughts or experience? I've googled it but really haven't come up with anything. Is she simply just in. need of a bath again? I'v
  3. Hey all! New member here! Proud mama of a 5 yr/o red Siberian/Wolf mix, 10 month white Siberian/mix(?) and a 6 yr/o Staffordshire pitBull Terrier. Meeko is our 10 month old, and he was a pound rescue. Question is: why is his fur like this and what can we do to get it not like this? His fur feels like lamb or sheep fur, some places around his spine and face are soft and longer (feels more like how husky fur should feel) We have tried brushing them but it doesn’t seem to do much except just rip everything out and cause him pain. Advice is oh so appreciated!!
  4. Hi! I've recently noticed a slight lump on the inside of my huskies leg. Upon closer inspection it seems red, slightly rough and hard and like its been picked at, which is how i noticed it as he is often licking the area, it does not seem to hurt him as i touched it and he was fine and is generally crazy during walks as he always has been. Any ideas on what it could be? Pictures below. Thanks
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