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Found 13 results

  1. So I think Freya is blowing out her winter coat for a summer one, and I used the Furminator brush on her like I have always used for my dogs (it's amazing for heavy shedders, I recommend it) but I'm worried... I saw the new fur and it seems quite short... But this is on her back legs/back side, so is it supposed to be short there for her summer coat? this is my first experience grooming a long haired dog as my other two are short haired, so any advice is welcome ^_^ thank you!
  2. So today I was out on a jog with Freya, and we stopped on our way home where a woman who lives near me was in the garden with her dog (an adorable fat lab haha), and it was all going well until I put my hand through the bars of their gate to stroke Meg (the woman's dog), and Freya snapped at her... It wasn't a snarl or anything too aggressive, it was more of a mini lunge and a quick grumble/bark... She's never done it before, and she's such a happy-go-lucky, friendly kind of dog that I wasn't expecting it. Plus, I've heard everywhere that Husky's aren't the most protective dog, so I was kind of shocked. It was fine, the woman and I just found it quite funny, and they got along quite well, sniffing and playing but as soon as I called Meg over to me and she began licking me or whatever, Freya just snaps at her ;'D Anyone else ever had this experience? Is it anything I should be worried about? I'm just putting it down to her being a jealous moo haha ;')
  3. Wolfee

    Puppies playing <3

  4. Wolfee

    Freya <3

  5. My babies enjoying the warm weather ^^
  6. She's such a big baby, and she's only 1 :') God knows how big she's gonna be when she's become an adult.
  7. I can't help but worry about Freya's size/weight. Last time I took her to the vets, she said she was the perfect weight, but I still worry because she's so small... I don't mean small as in short or anything, just... When I look at her parents, and other Siberian Huskies, they're supposed to be really chunky or poofy right? Just wondering, is this normal for some huskies and will she get that way through age? My lab got chunkier as she aged, she sort of filled out a lot more, but I don't know about Freya because she's my first and only Husky. Thanks for any advice you can give me ^_^ <3 Oh yeah, I forgot, she's 1 years old.
  8. Not been on in a while haha Got lots of pictures of the three hanging out ^_^ My new addition has gotten big.
  9. Just to clarify, Holly (lab) isn't aggressive, just really playful ;') She's a rough-housing type of dog.
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