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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, My husband and I have 2 huskies, Molly and Sammy. Both will be turning 6 during the first half of this year. We've had Molly since she was 8 weeks. She's the sweetest, greatest dog, but there have been some changes in her that have me worried. Typically, when the dogs are outside, Molly likes to stay out longer than Sammy. Sammy likes to come in after like 10-20 minutes, then go back outside after another 20 minutes. But, when I want them to come in, they usually do well with responding. If I need some coaxing, I'll say, "do you want a treat?" and their ears will perk up, and they'll come running in. I'll give them a little piece of treat. That was working great up until the weather started to get cold, so maybe like 2 months now. Once the weather turned colder, Molly, especially started to want to stay outside longer, and using "treat" became effective maybe 20% of the time. Now, over like the past 2 weeks, she REALLY doesn't want to come in, and when we gotta leave the house, like for work, we need her to come inside. So, now it's like I don't really want to let her outside if I am going to need to leave the house within like the next 30 minutes or so. If you go outside to get her, she'll run away from you all over the yard. It's not a big yard. Fenced in, probably about 60x30. Now, she acted this way periodically last year, so if this was all that was going on, I wouldn't actually be worried - I'd be working on training, but it's this other stuff that started like 2-3 days ago that's freaking me out. Okay, so the other evening, my husband and I went outside together to get her inside. We weren't mean or yelling or anything, but we were stern, like "Molly, come." We kind of had to corner her until she kind of gave up on bolting past us, and we took her in, but she resisted a bit, which is weird. It was raining and muddy, so we had a little towel to dry off her feet, and she was cowering against the door, shaking and making low whining sounds (the low whining is something she's done ever since we held her when we were visiting her before we could take her home--she does it when she's gotta do something she doesn't want to do, like if you're holding her and she wants to go). When we let her go, she ran upstairs. A little while later, she seemed to be a little better, but she would still kind of not come to us, and still appeared in a somewhat fearful stature, not the perky, high-energy dog she usually is. This evening is the 3rd time I think....she was outside most of the day. It's raining and very wet, and yet she would lay outside with her nose under the fence gate, like they usually do, or she'd lay on the tiny back porch. It was about 10pm, and I wanted her to come in so I could head upstairs. I went outside and she ran from me, over to the fence and was flat up against it, then she squatted like she was peeing, and then she didn't run from me as I walked over to her, but she was cowering a little. I put the leash on her and she was resisting a little, like she did not want to come in the house at all. I can't think of anything me or my husband might have done inadvertently to cause her fear or anxiety, nor can I think of anything inside or outside that may have caused this change, like any loud noises or whatever...Sammy has no problems in or out, so whatever it is, he is not sensing it or privy to it, which also makes me think it's not anything outside like an animal, etc. So, I brought her inside and was trying to get my shoes off and then get a towel to dry her off, and she kept kind of trying to slink away, but she was still leashed. Tail between her legs, shaking, whining. I toweled her off, unleashed her, and said, "okay, go ahead." and she left and I heard her run upstairs. She came back down because the doors were closed and went to her spot between the end of the couch and the wall. I had a little treat, and she came to me for that, but other wise, when I come into the room, she sort of turns her head and tries to avoid me (not always, just briefly after this coming in the house episode stuff). We're going to try increasing exercise, with walks, dog park, etc. Try reinforcing some training, and so on. Then look into taking her to the vet. I've already googled this and have read some posts to this exact thing - sudden change, won't come inside, shaking and seeming fearful...- and the responses seem to be things like, fearful of something inside or outside...in pain, cold, a result to some change, etc, but no one has given any responses with the answer for their dogs behavior. I can't think of anything that has changed or happened. These weren't huskies, so I thought I'd inquire on here if anyone had this issue and figured out the reason, or has any other advice I might not have come across. Thank you!
  2. hi all, im new to this site, so firstly hello, i have an almost 15 month old male sibe, but i fear hes somehow developed a bit of social anxiety. hes scared of the following and will try to do anything he can to avoid it or get away from it, which includes backing up, pulling away or yanking me away to get away from it. hes scared of the following: 1) big vans and lorries and buses 2) parked cars 3) bikes and scooters 4) shop doors and alleyways 5) grown up he don't know, although he is perfectly fine with children he dont know if they don't happen to be riding a scooter or bike. mainly i was just wondering if there was any way to smooth out his problems, we've tried keeping him out longer around those situations, every day several times a day he encounters the same things so realistically he should be used to them he knows to expect them as when we get near the parts where he knows they are he starts pulling the lead. we socialised him a lot when he was young, i took him everywhere with me, school runs etc up until the point he was too heavy to carry anymore, he always hated walking as a pup so i would have to pick him up, he peed on me several times as a baby but i thought it was his age and he would grow out of it so the speak. this has not happened so any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. many thanks, kirsty
  3. So Nala - the love of my life, my baby, my best firend - is only these things to me. She is not particularly fond of anyone else really. Even living with my parents and siblings for entire 4-year life, she is still semi-nervous around them for some reason. And don't even get me started on strangers. For anyone who read our intro, I am moving into an apartment soon and being a twenty year old making this break for the very first time, I'm sure you can assume that I will be having roommates. My future roommates came over one day and I wanted them to meet the furball they would also be rooming with, they came inside, behaved calmly (so none of that high pitched getting all up in her face nonsense), and I had Nala on a leash. So Nala is obviously excited (or nervous, she does like a high pitched whining/talking thing when new people come over) and she is rubbing up on my new roommate, thinking nothing of it, she reaches down and pets her head. To which Nala growls aggressively and (I think, I couldn't see very well) snaps at her This is not the first time she has behaved like this. She has bitten my brother twice - under circumstances that no one is particularly sure of because no one else was in the room either time and he is 8 years old so of course he says she just bit him out of nowhere. And she has "bitten" my boyfriend once - this one I witnessed firsthand. She play-fights with the family's beagle regularly (she has never hurt the beagle or even attempted to, just play growls and fights), and my boyfriend came from England to meet me and my dog for the first time and when he saw this play fighting he didn't realize it was harmless. He attempted to intervene when he thought Nala might hurt Molly and Nala turned to growl or snap at him and caught his nose. Witnessing this first hand, I am not trying to defend her, but I don't think she meant to bite him, I think she just meant to snap and her tooth grazed him, but I'll include a photo of his injury and you guys can be the judges. So all in all, I am worried about what may happen when we move into this apartment. She has even had a slight attitude with me lately - if she is standing right in my way and won't move on her own and I just nudge her (literally a nudge) she will growl and sometimes even snap. When she was younger, I took her out to Petsmart regularly to socialize her with both people and dogs, and she did fine back then, but as an adult (both of us) I haven't had time to come home from work and drive half an hour to get to the city to socialize her. I am hoping that with this move to the city, I can get her out and walk her around the complex and the surrounding areas for her to be around strange people regularly. One more thing that should be noted, I have attempted to train her professionally twice, both pretty unsuccessful because she is impossible to motivate, especially when out in public. She won't do anything for treats, toys, clicks, or whistles. I mean how do you train a dog that doesn't want any kind of reward? Please please help lol
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