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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, so am still a bit shaken. We live in a quiet suburban neighborhood with mowed manicured lawns... We were walking peacefully up the street to our house in the sunshine, when suddenly our neighbor's dog ran out of the yard with his leash trailing behind him, and attacked my dog! He has been barking and growling whenever we go by - their house is on the corner one block away, so we can't avoid it unless willing to walk a long detour. Anyway I was so surprised, I couldn't believe he was actually attacking - I was trying to drag my dog away (he met the attack head-on, with growls and bared teeth) but the attacking dog followed us - finally I got angry and I advanced on the attacking dog and yelled "Get Away!!" At that, he backed off. I realized that I actually have no idea what I should have done... I'm also worried that my own dog is going to become "dog-aggressive" after the incident. I checked my dog over carefully and I think his thick husky fur helped - no punctures, no bite wounds. He seems to have defended himself well, though he was confined on leash and the other dog was free. Anyway it was a nasty encounter and I'm mad that my neighbor, who came running out of the house at the noise, has not even come by to ask if my dog was hurt. ( I couldn't stay to discuss what happened of course, because our dogs were busy fighting...) What's the best way to handle a dog attacking your dog?!! Tempted to give that dog a good kick next time he tries it! (OK, probably not a good idea - I know)
  2. Hi, I'm Odin (24 years old french men) and my siberian husky is Olaf, 8 years tomorrow ^^. I always dreamed about having a dog, specially a siberian husky because I found them really beautiful, and majestic. So when I was 16 I had my first siberian husky, Olaf (his registered name was Eros), who was just a 7 week old puppy. And before that of course; I searched a lot about the siberian husky breed : their behaviour and needs etc. I knew siberian husky were what I needed. And I also knew for the moment I've chosen to take him with me that I will be responsible for my dog's life. This means I knew my dog will have to pass before all the rest : school, jobs, time with friends. And it's the most important point for all husky owners in my opinion : you are responsible for the quality of your dog's life : they are all adorable and they are just always happy ! You'll need to keep this, and try to discover new places with your fur friends, and always give them love and carresses. And they will give 100x love in return ! You keep having friends etc, but you can see them with your husky friend, it's more fun. Don't let your dog alone and sad. Play with him, walk, run, bike, and you'll see you and your dog will become ONE. And I think it's amazing. So I spent my first 3 years being a student and discovering every day new facets of my adorable Olaf, when I think about that time I'm just "damn, time goes fast". I remember taking him on vacations etc, going to the park every day. It was great. But then I realized my dog was really my best friend and we both needed to go more and more in Nature, I was literally always with my dog. I moved for my 3rd university year in Montreal ... and of course I took Olaf with me ! It was awesome, winter is 5 months there so we did lots of skijoering, biking in snow, running etc. And Olaf had lots of husky friends in the dog park =) . I went back to France for one year in Marseille (south of france) with Olaf, and we also went to Norway for 1 and a half month together in the 2014's summer, taking train, bus and planes all accross Norway. It was sometimes hard, but amazing. We were just walking south to North country ! I've planned to stay there in northern norway but it was not financiary possible ^^. ... and then I returned to Montreal for a 2 years work permit (2015-2017). Olaf has found again all his friends and it was also great for me to work in Montreal (more opportunities). But I was alone with my dog in a little appartment, so I was going out 3 hours per day EVERYDAY because it was the minimum for him to be happy ! He doesn't make noise, he is so adorable so it was not a problem but still, he needed his walks !! So I went back (again) to france with Olaf this year. Now I really want to start a bigger project with my dog. I want to do backpacking trip with him. Just by walking. I've been doing some researches and I've planned to go from south of France to north sweden with him by foot, passing by north Italy, Switzerland, Germany/Danmark and then all the Swedish country. There are lots of difficulties with a project like this. Most of them are because I will be on foot, and because of the dog. I've checked for the first part of the trip were are approximatively little markets who sell croquettes etc. But the most important thing is : material. I need lots of things to do this trip : GPS, good winter (4 season tents), snow shoes, etc and all that with the weight constraint. I also started doing photography, but not in a amateur way, but professionnal way. I bought some material and I still need to buy a few things (an other lenses, some filters) and I need to buy a Mac & PS& Lighroom. So my project is the same, but photography will help me telling, describing my adventure with Olaf and my goal is to be able to sell some prints of Olaf pictures in landscape. If you want to check some of my work, you can see it on my instagram : www.instagram.com/olafofwatsonlake . There are lots of landscape photographer out there, but dogs photographers (in Nature) are not so many (of course dogs and animals are everywhere on instagram and blogs etc, but real landscape photo with dogs, not so much) so I think there is a possibility for me, I mean we all have dreams and I think it's important to try to realize them even if sometimes it seems impossible and unrealistic. I will be glad to hear some similar projects with your siberian husky whether it's in France, in the US, or any other country in the world ! =) Olaf & Odin _DSC0564.ARW _DSC0581.ARW
  3. My Siberian Husky being an Alpha Male dog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZJhCBTf8Hg
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Jade and I just recently got my Siberan Husky. Her name is Vale and I got her from a breeder in the Outerbanks of North Carolina. Any tips or tricks you guys can think of that I should know? This is my first time owning a Husky and I've come to realize how much personality she has! Also if anyone in the Raleigh or Charlotte area has a husky and wants to meet up that would be great. I need a way to burn her energy.
  5. Here I'll post Chester's evolution and results in dog shows
  6. Juno

    My beach dog

  7. Pictures of your dog yawning, smilimg, ETC.
  8. As the title suggests, has your dog ever been mistaken for another breed or like in my case even a cat? Apart from cat I've had a person asking me if my previous dog (also a Siberian husky) was an Eastern European Laika. It's quite close but they're so rare here that I was surprised to get the question! A picture of my previous dog <3
  9. http://youtu.be/UovpppIspY8 He quietly slipped away from us at about 5pm on the 14th of May 2013. Although his was a short life that never reached its completion... these short months have made our lives so much richer and fuller. Odin, with his tiny 'angel wings' on his back, had always been our guardian angel. He was a champ even without winning any medals. He was the best dog one could ever have... I will miss you so much. Goodbye Odin. http://www.the-elchemists.blogspot.com/2013/05/odin-siberian-husky-king-who-ruled-our.html
  10. Odin seemed to really like the tv show the secret life of dogs last night. watched the whole thing.
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