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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I’m new to the Husky Owner party! I’ve revently adopted a 5 year old male Husky, Zero.. he’s beautiful and such a good boy! However, he’s recently been separated from a staffy bitch with whom he lived with for 2 years. I’m not sure if the symptoms are coincidental or circumstancual so I’ll just give the symptoms and hope you guys can help: - been off his food for past week or so -runny nose (clear) -infrequent sneezing (mainly when we arrive home or before Walkies) .. we’ve been given such mixed advice that I’m at a bit of a loss, so any help is much welcomed :)) TIA Gen x
  2. Hello! We adopted our Husky Tuesday night from our local shelter and he is not doing so well. We have wanted one for quite a while but wanted to adopt a rescue dog so we were waiting until we found one nearby. I grew up with labs my whole life, and we always got them as puppies, so having a 3 year old husky is a somewhat new experience and I feel completely helpless! What I know of his life before us is very little. The Animal Shelter said he was brought in by somebody who found him tied to a tree on one of the country roads, and that he was dirty and starved. They kept him in the lost animals section for nearly a month waiting for an owner to turn up and nobody ever did. He spent that time barking and howling, they said because of that they think he was part of a pack (I saw on facebook/craigslist a couple months ago somebody was getting rid of their husky pack, but they deleted the post without responding to anybody, no idea if this is related). He had been in the adoption area for two weeks before we saw his listing and went and got him. They told us he wasn't eating very much, you can feel his spine and ribs, but they hoped that going to a home would help. The first night and the next day he ate nothing but a couple treats and he threw up once a day, though very small amounts that almost looked like just drool. He refused to eat dog food, but ate a piece of pizza my son left on the table and took a large bite of cake off the top of the stove (we aren't trying to feed him people food, just dog food). Yesterday he was still eating treats but started throwing up a lot more often and in larger amounts, I got him to eat rice by having the entire family eat the same rice together. Today he is still throwing up small amounts again but is refusing to even eat treats. We have tried multiple types of dog food, wet and dry, including the one they used at the animal shelter. I feel so bad. I know this is still very early but he is so skinny and I don't know how to help him adjust, and honestly I am getting very tired of cleaning up dog throw up all day long. Does anybody have advice on how to help him or what is causing his sickness? He's really a fantastic dog and I know if will be great when he gets healthy I just feel like I am failing him right now.
  3. My 2 years old Shibe was a happy sibe at first I bought her home. I rescued her from the street (not adopt from breeder). She loved to play with water and gave me a high hug-jump. She once had parasite bugs on her skin but now they're getting clean because our family picked it everyday. One day I noticed that her jaw was swollen and I gave her immune boost vitamin and the next day the swollen jaw has reduced. But now she seems very LAZY and unhappy. She did not excited anymore with water and did not give me any hug anymore. I am so sad. Please give me advice. Sorry for my bad English. Thanks!
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