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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there again- I am new to this forum. I wanted to ask everyone if you have had any experience with a white, oily residue with your husky? Misty is mid coat blow right now and I've noticed that she has developed this white-ish residue that transfers onto my fingers when I pet her. Theres no smell and its not clumping up or really even visible other than on my fingers after I pet her. She had a bath about 3 weeks ago to try and aid the coat blowing. Anyone have any thoughts or experience? I've googled it but really haven't come up with anything. Is she simply just in. need of a bath again? I've read some conflicting info regarding baths; some people say only about twice a year and other people say once of month or so. Is it simply dependent on what your dog needs? I've definitely bathed her more than twice in the last (almost) year since we adopted her but her coat is white so it's usually in relation to her looking kinda grungy. Thanks!!
  2. Our dog gets a lot of compliments because of how she looks. For some reason people say she looks like a fox, coyote or baby wolf. I had two people ask how much would it cost for her. I said I don't give family away, but my uncle loves her a lot too. While she does look like a coyote (she's not) she had a very beautiful white brother back in her sleddog facility upnorth. She's a bit smaller now, but. I don't see all the fuss, I think she's beautiful even though I know some people are scared of her at first glance since they think she is a wolf or coyote. But she's the sweetest thing, a bit stubborn although!
  3. Luna is about 9 months old and I’m curious as to why her coat isn’t fluffy. I do live in Texas so could it be due to the fact that it’s summer time? Or maybe her coat isn’t fully developed yet? I absolutely love her but I’m just worried that her coat won’t be as fluffy as other husky’s coats.
  4. HI I'm really worried because I just left my husky at the groomers today and they returned her like a lion, her back is shaved (not to the skin) and her head, tail, tummy and legs remain fluffy, I've read that huskies aren't supposed to be shaved and I'm really worried about this, How long will it take for her hair to grow? And is it going to be the same?
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