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Found 4 results

  1. We got a new kitten about four days ago, she's three months old, and terrified of the Husky. Ever since we brought the new kitten home Tika has followed me everywhere, won't take his eyes off the kitten, and obsessively watches her. If he believes he's going to get close to her, he will sit and almost whine/sing to her. It's pretty funny to watch, but I don't know how to redirect his obsession with the new kitten. We adopted our husky from the Humane Society in Utah back in December of last year. We know absolutely nothing about his history other than he's about two years old and he came from California. We have two other dogs one is a pit – lab mix, and the other is an Australian Shepherd mix, along with two other adult cats in the house. Tika has learned the command "No cat" but it doesn't seem to be working with the new kitten. His interest in the adult cats is relatively mild, the only time he's ever taken off after them is if they run. If I am holding the kitten, he follows my every move whining. He's never been this talkative before, and though I'm loving the use of his vocals, I'm not liking the obsessed behavior he has with this new kitten. What can I do to change this behavior? I am attaching a short video that I took two days ago of him 'serenading' the kitten IMG_1498.MOV
  2. Hello, I’m just in the process of adopting a lovely little husky lad into the family, alas even though it makes me cringe we will be removing his little lads to help calm any issues. I’m resigned to the idea that I’m going to be very busy with a very energetic toddler that’s going to need a firm commands and a loving touch. I’m a big walker and a bit of an insomniac so the exercise portion is not a great worry for me. What is my biggest worry is I have two 4yr old cats… Now I have a friend that has a husky and also has a couple of cats and they get along fine, his problem is that his dog is Houdini reincarnated and cannot let his dog of lead as it bolts. I’d love to give this little chap a loving home but I absolutely don’t want to see my cats come to harm, I’ve reasoned that with obedience training and puppy social meets will hopefully put him in a frame of mind of wanting to tolerate the cats. They will be introduced slowly I plan on moving the cats feeding stations upstairs and so they have a place away from the puppy and I’m hoping because he is a puppy will accept them as part of the family. I just wondered if there were any others out that with any success stories as for every good story I find on the internet I see a message saying nope Husky’s will just kill the cat which is a tad harsh as I have a lot of friends with all manner of dog breeds with cats and as mentioned earlier ones with Husky’s and cats. I’m guessing I am after some reassurance I think he will be a great addition to the family but any advice on integration would be most welcome. David
  3. Hello everyone! So, Aurora is now 4 1/2 months old. Ever since we picked her up at 7 weeks, she has been exposed to our Snow Bengal cat, Nova. Nova also has been exposed to dogs, she is a year and a half years old and grew up with two Pomeranians. Aurora isn't mean or aggressive towards her, BUT she plays a little too rough and bites Nova's neck and doesn't understand she could hurt her. Nova doesn't typically fight back unless she is trying to sleep and is annoyed with Aurora's nipping and hitting.. Any advice on how to get Aurora to play nicer with her? I know since she's a puppy she will just want to play, but I'm not sure if there is any way I can get her to realize she's much bigger than Nova and needs to be easy with her. So that way they get along well when Aurora is an adult. Thanks y'all!
  4. Hello All, So yesterday I was sleeping in my room and my husky (oakley) was outside withe one of my roomamtes. He claims that he put Oakley outside to be away from the cats yet when I woke up that was not the case. I woke up to a screeching sound which was Oakley playing with this small cat yet Oakley played with it to death. It is very unfortunate and I put Oakley away immediately although I know things like this do happen. After this I gave Oakley a walk and woke up, put Oakley in his Crate and went to work. I got a call from a neighbor saying Oakley got out. I knew this had to do something with my roommate whose cat was killed so I asked him. He pretty much told me he did it without telling me and I kept speaking to him and he said well it must be since he is so good at opening doors. He told me this would be happening more often which scares me cause I know that means my roommate is going to let him out often so something bad happens to him. I need advice on what I should do, I have a lease on the house until January and he is telling me that i need to find Oakley another home or it will happen more often. Please Help! Thank you, Nik
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